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Section: AgentSchedule
Default Value: true
Valid Values: true, false
Changes Take Effect: after re-login

Specifies whether the modal progress dialog box appears on each save operation of agent’s schedule (value is set to true) or not (value is set to false).

Workforce Management Web Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Mac Solaris Windows
12/21/22 Update X X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Intra-day Schedule Rebuild Wizard now allows the user to select multiple days (within 2-weeks date range) and rebuild schedules for the selected date(s) instead of rebuilding schedules for only one day. As part of this feature, the following changes are made:
    • The Date selector now displays 3 calendars for a wide range of date selection.
    • The Start from field now applies the starting time to all the date(s) selected in the schedule. For more details, see Select Options. (WFM-32999)
      This feature requires the deployment of the following WFM components: WFM Builder (or later)
  • A new configuration option, SaveAsynchronously, is added in the [AgentSchedule] section of WFM Web to control the use of the asynchronous API when saving agent schedules. The default value is set to TRUE, meaning, the asynchronous API is used by default. (WFM-36544)
  • You can now delete the Default forecasting objectives settings for activities if its settings were once done by using the new Delete button. (WFM-36418)
  • Day off is now displayed as Day off in the Agent > Bidding view. Previously it was displayed as 12:00 AM - +12:00 AM. (WFM-36311)
  • The localizator.bat tool now includes a new argument, -l (language) that works with multiple languages. By default, the -l argument isn’t set, hence the tool extracts, or updates the ENU files.
    If you would like to apply -l for other languages, use the argument as shown in the following example:
    • Command to extract DEU files: localization.bat -l DEU -x
    • Command to update FCR (France Canada) files: localization.bat -l FRC -u (WFM-36000)

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

The process of saving agent schedules is now improved. Previously, an error occurred occasionally while saving agent schedules using the asynchronous API. (WFM-36513)

Intra-day Re-optimization wizard now displays only the needed sites in the Activities tree when the user selects sites in the Agents tree. Previously, the Activities tree displayed more sites than required. (WFM-36451)

In the Supervisor login, on the Forecast Scenario > Staffing Build Wizard > Select activities window, the keyboard navigation for selecting activities from the activity tree now works correctly. (WFM-36417)

The default value 0 (zero) is now saved for the Default forecasting objectives > IOT field for the requested Activity. Previously, in this scenario, the blank value was saved instead of the default value. (WFM-36415)

In the Supervisor login, on the Forecast Scenario>Staffing Build wizard window, when the Indirectly Occupied Time (IOT) value is not set whereas the other Default forecasting objectives are set, the IOT value is now correctly saved as 0 (default value), and other fields are saved with their values. (WFM-36414)

WFM Web now displays the available WFM Builders in the Configuration > Users module if the current user has the WFM privilege, Access Backend Configuration. Previously, the list of available WFM Builders could be empty if the user selected in the Users grid did not have access to view the WFM Builder applications, regardless of whether they had the required privilege. (WFM-35986), (WFM-36061)

The Activities tree performance is now improved in the WFM Web New UI. The tree now updates its state more efficiently to reduce the number of items being redrawn. (WFM-33147)

WFM Web now displays the correct alert message when a user does not have permission to delete a scenario tries to delete it. (WFM-35475)

The Java portion of the WFM Web code base no longer uses the outdated SHA-1 signature algorithm and now runs inside a web browser without any errors. Previously, an error occurred when a user tried to open any part of WFM Web, utilizing Java code, in a browser. (WFM-36482, PCD-144279)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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