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Section: Reports
Default Value: false
Valid Values: true, false
Changes Take Effect: Immediately
Dependencies: None
Introduced: 8.5.209

Specifies how totals are calculated for the Schedule States Report and Schedule States Totals Report.

If this option value is set to false (default) totals are not calculated and WFM's performance is similar to 8.5.0, where WFM uses contract hours. If this option value is set to true, totals are calculated and WFM's performance is impacted, since generation of these reports will take a significant amount of time for large data sets.

Workforce Management Web Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
10/30/17 General X X X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • WFM introduces Overtime Bidding, in which its automated overtime scheduling process now schedules agents' overtime slots associated with Overtime Offers:
    • Supervisors with the appropriate role privileges can create Overtime Offers in the new Overtime Bidding view. Supervisors associate an activity or multi-site activity, agents, and sites with the Overtime Offer and use a Marked Time type to indicate overtime in schedules. After agents submit their bids, supervisors initiate the automated overtime scheduling process.
    • Agents who are associated with Overtime Offers can bid on overtime slots. Agents see Overtime Offers in the Bidding > Overtime view after the supervisor marks the offer as "Open". Agents can create, edit, delete, and change the priority of overtime bids and then, see their overtime slot requests, their priorities, and statuses for all Overtime Offers with which they are associated.
  • The Workforce Management Agent Mobile Client now includes the My Schedule, Trading, Time Off, Preferences, and My Settings modules and views, enabling agents to perform the following tasks on their mobile devices:
    • In the My Schedule screens and dialogs:
      • See scheduled and pending items with the same color configuration as in the desktop UI
      • Create trade proposals
      • Add or rollback Exceptions
    • In the Time Off screens and dialogs:
      • Add, recall, delete, or cancel Time-Off requests
    • In the Trading screens and dialogs:
      • See and filter a list of trades
      • Respond and add comments to trade requests
    • In the Preferences screens and dialogs:
      • Add, edit, and delete Preferences (shift, availability, day off)
    • In the Configuration > My Settings screen:
      • Change their personal settings

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

WFM Web Supervisors' Configuration > Agents view now shows values for time-off bonus hours correctly in the Time-off Bonuses > Time-off Bonus Properties pane. Previously, after entering a negative value in the Bonus Hours field, it was incorrectly displayed with an extraneous minus sign. For example, the value -01.00 incorrectly displayed as -0-1.00. (WFM-27805)

The WFM Web for Supervisors Agent Properties report can now be generated successfully, without error. Previously, report generation failed when WFM processed certain data, resulting in the error Infinite loop creating new page due to column header overflow. (WFM-27791)

WFM now displays Time-Off items on the last day of month in the Time Off view in WFM Agent Mobile interface. Agents can now view and edit these items in either in the Preferences view of the WFM Agent Mobile or view them in the Web for Agents desktop interface. Previously, WFM did not display these items in the Time Off view in WFM Agent Mobile interface. (WFM-27785)

WFM Web shows improved performance when generating the Scheduled States and Schedule States Totals reports, taking less time to execute and producing no errors when processing large data sets. Previously, after applying a fix for another issue in release 8.5.2, WFM's performance was negatively impacted when generating these reports.

The [Reports] TotalsInStatesReport configuration option is introduced in this fix. (WFM-27737)

When using the Insert Multiple Wizard in WFM Web for Supervisors, items are now inserted into the Schedule only for the selected agents. Previously, when using the wizard in certain cases, items were incorrectly inserted for more agents than were selected.

This issue occurred when items were inserted for agents from multiple sites and WFM generated warning messages to agents from one site only. In this case, if the user chose to continue inserting items after warnings were generated, WFM inserted the same items for all agents from sites that did not receive warnings. When agents from all sites had received warnings, the issue did not occur if the user chose to continue inserting items. (WFM-27615)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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