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Section: Functionality
Default Value: true
Valid Values: true, false
Changes Take Effect: Immediately
Dependencies: None

Specifies whether the HTTP header X-Frame-Options is added to all JSP pages served by WFM Web.

If this option value is set to true, the header is added and prevents WFM Web pages from loading in the frame being used by the site and served from another domain. WFM Web pages served from the same domain as the one in the frame are allowed.

Use this option as protection from clickjacking.

Workforce Management Web Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
04/29/16 General X X X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • WFM Web now detects the browser's proxy settings when running Java applet-based views in Web for Supervisors, preventing issues that could arise (applet-based views could stop working) if the proxy was configured in the browser for network connections. (WFM-25496)
  • In WFM Web for Supervisors Schedule > Intra-Day and Schedule > Weekly views:
    • Filtering by Shift Name is now enabled. (WFM-23607)
    • Sorting by the Shift End Time is now enabled. (WFM-23592)
  • WFM Web now prevents the class of vulnerabilities related to Java deserialization. This update prevents not only the specific case described on the web page (linked below), but any other yet unknown cases by explicitly restricting deserialization only to specific known classes. For more information about this vulnerability, see foxglovesecurity.com. (WFM-25227)
  • The new [Functionality] PreventFraming configuration option in the WFM Web Application enables enforcement of protective measures against clickjacking. Clickjacking, also known as "UI redress attack" is a malicious technique that tricks a Web user into clicking on a button or link on another page when they intended to click on the the top level page, thereby hijacking clicks and routing them to another page, most likely owned by another application, domain, or both. (WFM-25194)
  • A new WFM Web security feature prevents vulnerability of Session Fixation by changing the session identifier after a user logs in and logs out. (WFM-25170)
  • A new Time Zone option named Local is now available in the Calendar Items view. Selecting this option displays calendar items in each site's time zone for the selected days. Calendar items from different sites are not directly comparable when this option is selected.
    In addition, selecting this option enables you to publish calendar items to schedules without having to switch to the specific time zone (as described in WFM-25117), even if the items displayed are from different sites with different time zones.
    Reintroducing this option in this release provides functionality that existed in the Calendar Items view in releases prior to 8.0 and resolves a specific customer's scenario. (WFM-25135)
  • When adding Exceptions in Web for Supervisors Schedule views, supervisors can now add exception memos (or comments) consisting of up to 256 characters to the following:
    • Intra-Day Schedule view
    • Agent-Extended Schedule view
    • Individual Schedule report
    • Team Schedule report
    Supervisors with privileges to access these views can also edit exception memos.
  • When Meeting Exceptions are scheduled in Web for Supervisors Schedules views, the meeting name is now shown next to the Meeting Exception name. For example, exception_name, meeting_name (exception_memo) will be shown in the Intra-Day and Agent-Extended schedules.
  • Agents can now enter Exception memos in the WFM Web for AgentsMy Schedule view and then see them (read only) in the Schedule Details views, and printed schedules.
  • The Comment field in Exception properties is renamed Memo. In the following views and reports, where there are lists, grids, or reports with columns used not only for memo, but also for comments about other Calendar item types, the name is changed to Comment/Memo:
    • In Web for Agents Preferences view
    • In Web for Supervisors:
      • Calendar > Calendar Items view
      • Reports > Calendar Items report and report wizard
      • Reports > Calendar Audit report and report wizard
  • Genesys implements a new method of delivery for the Web for Supervisors Help, publishing and delivering it as online content. See Workforce Management Web for Supervisors Help.
  • In Web for Supervisors Schedule > Intra-Day, the presentation of performance data is improved and now displays strings with empty values as empty (rather than zero).
  • Added support:

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

WFM Web now functions correctly after Back is clicked in the following scenario:

  1. The agent creates a new Time-Off request on a given date.
  2. The time-off limit is 0 for this date.
  3. The agent clicks Submit.
  4. A notification appears, indicating that the Time-Off limit has been reached.
  5. The agent clicks Back.

Previously in this scenario, WFM displayed an error message after the agent clicked the Back button. (WFM-25637)

WFM Web's performance is improved when opening the Statistics pane in the Organization > Activities view. Previously, when using Internet Explorer, if the Genesys Configuration database contained a significant number (tens of thousands) of objects, it took more than 10 seconds for the Statistics pane to open. (WFM-25518)

Selecting No or Cancel now works as expected when role privileges are changed and then saved in WFM Web for Supervisors Configuration > Roles modules. Previously, clicking No or Cancel after saving changes caused an error message to display. (WFM-25508)

WFM Web now displays the correct message when the size of the imported file exceeds the configured limit in the Forecast > Import view.

Also, improved presentation of the Import progress bar now shows an accurate progression. Previously, it quickly reached 100% and did not change for duration of the import process. (WFM-25479)

WFM Web now shows all statistics as decimals in the Schedule > Intra-Day view's Performance Data table. Previously, only some statistics (like Coverage) were shown as decimals, while others were shown as rounded-off integers, but proved to be insufficient. (WFM-25478)

WFM now properly displays information in the Web for Supervisors Master Schedule > Changes Approval view. Previously, under very specific conditions, empty lines appeared in the table and clicking them produced an error dialog. (WFM-25471)

WFM Web now enables you to copy and paste multiple values in the Forecast > Overlays data table in the Distribution tab. Previously, only you could only paste and copy a single value at a time. (WFM-25465)

WFM Web now correctly displays schedules in the Master Schedule > Intra-Day view after opening the Schedule History dialog and clicking Cancel. Previously, in specific schedules that contain Shifts with exiting Activity Sets that were completely covered by part-day Exceptions, the schedule did not display correctly after Cancel was clicked in the dialog. (WFM-25461)

WFM Web now correctly copies Shifts to the same site, if the Task Sequences must be always used option is specified. Previously, if this option was set when copying Shifts to the same site, the references to the associated Task Sequences were not copied, and an error displayed.

When copying Shifts to another site, the Task Sequences option is explicitly reset to Do Not Use and references to existing Task Sequences are not copied, but the Shift is always copied successfully. (WFM-25317)

WFM Web now retains the checked weekdays in the Synchronization pane after Contracts are configured and saved. Previously, after saving Contracts, the checked weekdays were changed. (WFM-25297)

WFM Web no longer produces the error message in the Web for Supervisors Forecast > Overlays view, stating that the total of the Distribution Value percentages does not equal 100 percent, when in fact, it does. (WFM-25253)

A message, prompting the user to log in again to continue working in the WFM reports subsystem, no longer appears when separate WFM Web instances are configured to generate reports. Previously, this sometimes occurred if there were 10 or more minutes of inactivity between actions in the reports subsystem, and occurred only in releases 8.5.1x and 8.5.200. (WFM-25236)

WFM Web no longer shows the Meeting name for Exceptions in some cases when the Exception is not related to a Meeting. This sometimes occurred if Exceptions were published from the calendar, but never occurred when Exceptions were inserted directly into the schedule. In addition, if the Exception was meeting-related, the name was always shown correctly. (WFM-25197)

WFM Web now attaches switch names to saved objects for Queues and Routing Points when saving statistics configuration for Activities. Previously, WFM Web did not attach switch names to saved objects. (WFM-25190)

The Publish to Schedule function in the WFM Web for Supervisors Calendar Items view is updated to verify that the time zone selected in the view is the same as the time zone of the sites to which the selected calendar items belong. If they do not match, a warning appears and the supervisor cannot proceed with the action. Previously, WFM Web did not verify matching time zones and allowed calendar items to be published to schedules with incorrect times.

Similarly behavior exists, in schedules that can only be edited if the time zone of the site to which the schedules belong, is selected. (WFM-25128)

WFM Web now preserves the object and filter selection in Web for Supervisors Adherence views when switching between different views within the WFM application. (WFM-25031)

WFM Web now successfully runs the Agent Properties report, even if it contains agents that do not have skills for any existing activity. Previously, if these types of agents were included in the Agent Properties report, WFM Web stopped generating it and an error appeared. (WFM-25017)

Clicking on a module in the Modules bar at the top of the Web for Supervisors interface now displays the list of views within that module, and selecting a view opens it. Previously, it took more than 20 seconds to open these Java views if the module was clicked when a tabbed view was open. This issue is specific to users of the Internet Explorer browser, and was not reproducible with other browsers.

It might take longer than expected for Java to load the first time a Java-based view is opened. Each subsequent 'open' action usually executes in less than three seconds.


Changing agents' skills priority from Primary to Secondary in WFM Web for Supervisors no longer causes errors. Previously, changing the priority of agents skills prompted the following error message to appear: An unexpected issue occurred while processing this request. (WFM-23989)

WFM Web now preserves the selected Planning Period in the Web for Supervisors Schedule > Agent-Extended view when switching between views, and preserves the selected date in the Schedule State Group Totals view. Previously, WFM Web was not preserving these settings in these views. (WFM-23953)

In Web for Supervisors Schedule > Master Schedule > Coverage view, the icon for multi-site actions now clearly displays when multi-site actions are on, and dims when they are off. (WFM-23949)

WFM Web's Schedule Budget report now uses Marked Time-based overtime calculations. Previously, the Schedule Budget report used Contract-based overtime calculations, which are no longer used in WFM. (WFM-23917)

To run Web for Supervisors with accessibility tools like JAWS, set the ACCESSIBILITY_COMPATIBLE option to true in the About > Settings... dialog. Otherwise, WFM Web for Supervisors could freeze, or display adverse or unexpected behavior while screen readers like JAWS are being used. (WFM-23983)

WFM Web now preserves the selected Performance target value in Web for Supervisors Schedule > Intra-Day view, when supervisors are switching back and forth between this view and other views in the application. (WFM-23903)

The filter in WFM Web for Supervisor's Calendar Items view now functions correctly. Previously, after items were selected for filtering, were applied and then restored to All checked:

  • The Filter icon did not change from red to blue.
  • Items in the Calendar table were not returned until the user clicked Get Data.
  • If the user navigated away from the Calendar view and then returned, an error occurred, as follows: An unexpected error occurred while processing this request.


WFM Web now enables supervisors to copy schedules with dates that are outside of the existing date range in the Schedule > Agent Extended view, even if they generated warnings or errors. Previously, these schedules could not be copied if they generated warnings or errors. (Schedules that did not generate warnings or errors could be always be copied.) (WFM-23813)

WFM Web now uses Monday as the Week Start Day for en_AU and en_NZ locales, displaying this information in a manner, to which users in Australia and New Zealand are accustomed. Previously, due to a bug in Oracle Java, some places in WFM 8.5.1 used Sunday for the Week Start Day in these locales. (WFM-23765)

WFM Web now prevents requests for data that triggers the built-in protection mechanism, either by properly limiting the requests or splitting them into manageable numbers of requests. Previously, in scenarios where WFM Web requested any amount of data that triggered the built-in protection mechanism against malicious actions and Denial of Service actions, the following error message appeared: Unmarshalling Error: Maximum Number of Child Elements limit (50000) Exceeded.

The appearance of this error message is not caused by or a consequence of WFM performance issues. It is specific to the WFM Web component's built-in protection mechanism. If this error message appears, it means WFM Web already received a response (presumably) from other WFM servers, but did not process it. If malicious actions are ruled out and this message appears during normal usage, limit your selections in WFM Web user interface and request/insert/update fewer data in a single request. (WFM-23676)

The Web for Supervisors Schedule > Intra-Day view has a new column to display Shift Name. (WFM-23606)

The Web for Supervisors Schedule > Intra-Day view has a new column to display Shift End Times. (WFM-23604)

The presentation of Performance data is improved in the Schedule > Intra-Day view to match the same data presented in the Performance > Intra-Day view. Specifically, empty data are no longer shown as zeros in Schedule > Intra-Day view. (WFM-23602)

WFM Web for Supervisors now uses web-based Help from docs.genesys.com. See also the What's New section in this Release Note. (WFM-23601)

The importing of Forecast data is improved to better handles imported data containing gaps or days that should be ignored. Previously, importing this type of data sometimes generated errors, causing the data to be improperly imported. (WFM-23577)

The following views in Web for Supervisors no longer require Java to run and were updated to match the look and feel of other views in the Configuration and Policies modules:

  • Configuration > Shared Transport
  • Policies > Exception Types
  • Policies > Time-off Types
  • Policies > Meetings
  • Policies > Marked Times


Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

Supported Languages

See Release 8.5.x Translation Support.

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