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Workforce Management Web Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
06/16/16 Hot Fix X X X X

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What's New

This release includes only resolved issues.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

WFM Web now considers the browser's proxy settings when running Java applet-based views in Web for Supervisors, preventing issues that could arise if the proxy was configured in the browser for network connections. (WFM-25829)

WFM Web's Schedule > Intra-Day view now consistently refreshes Performance data when switching between dates. Previously in some configurations, WFM Web intermittently failed to properly update the Performance data, and it did not match the Schedule data. (WFM-25805)

WFM Web for Supervisors Home screen now displays the correct background colors when applying the High Contrast theme. Previously, when this theme was applied, incorrect background colors were displayed, affecting usability by making it difficult to read some text. (WFM-25797)

Now, supervisors can enter locale decimal numbers into the Hourly Wage field in the Web for Supervisors Configuration > Agents view and save the data. Previously, using commas as decimal separators when entering locales into the Hourly Wage field caused problems when saving and navigating to other Agent tabs. (WFM-25795)

WFM Web's Forecast > Import view now uses the base language locale, if it does not recognize an uncommon locale, such as English (Malaysia). For example, if English (Malaysia) is configured on the computer, the Forecast > Import view defaults to English, without specifying a country. Previously, WFM produced errors in the Forecast > Import view, when locales of this type were used. (WFM-25778)

WFM Web now displays the correct message when the size of the imported file exceeds the configured limit in the Forecast > Import view. Also, improved presentation of the Import progress bar now shows an accurate progression. Previously, it quickly reached 100% and did not change for the duration of the importation. (WFM-25737)

WFM Web's import functionality in the Forecast module is improved and now enables partial-day data to be imported successfully. Previously, importing partial data sometimes failed. (WFM-25736)

WFM Web's importing function of Forecast data provides improved handling of data containing gaps or days that should be ignored. Previously, importing this type of data sometimes generated errors, causing the data to be improperly imported. (WFM-25735)

WFM Web no longer uses the character set (charset) specified for Reporting when importing Forecast data. A new field in the Forecast > Import wizard enables optional specification of the character set. Normally, you do not need to specify a charset, but in special cases, you can specify one that was used to save imported data files. (WFM-25734)

WFM Web's performance is improved when clicking the Add Statistic Information to Activity button on the Statistics tab in the Configuration > Activities view. Previously, when using Internet Explorer, if the Genesys Configuration database contained a significant number (tens of thousands) of objects, it took more than 10 seconds for the tab, on which statistic information is configured, to open. (WFM-25733)

Selecting No or Cancel now works as expected when role privileges are changed and then saved in WFM Web for Supervisors Configuration > Roles module. Previously, clicking No or Cancel after saving changes caused an error message to display. (WFM-25732)

WFM now correctly displays information in the Web for Supervisors Master Schedule > Changes Approval view. Previously, under very specific conditions, empty lines appeared in the table and clicking them produced an error dialog. (WFM-25730)

WFM Web now correctly displays schedules in the Master Schedule > Intra-Day view after opening the Schedule History dialog and clicking Cancel. Previously, in specific schedules that contained Shifts with existing Activity Sets that were completely covered by part-day Exceptions, the schedule did not display correctly after clicking Cancel in the dialog. (WFM-25729)

WFM Web now correctly copies Shifts to the same site, if the Task Sequences must be used option is specified. Previously, if this option was enabled when copying Shifts to the same site, the references to the associated Task Sequences were not copied, and an error displayed.

When copying Shifts to another site, the Task Sequences option is explicitly reset to Do not use Task Sequences and references to existing Task Sequences are not copied, but the Shift is always copied successfully. (WFM-25728)

A message, prompting the user to log in again to continue working in the WFM Reports module, no longer appears when separate WFM Web instances are configured to generate reports. Previously, this sometimes occurred if there were 10 or more minutes of inactivity between actions in the Reports module, and occurred only in releases 8.5.1x and 8.5.200. (WFM-25727)

WFM Web no longer produces the error message in the Web for Supervisors Forecast > Overlays view, incorrectly stating that the total of the Distribution Value percentages does not add up to 100 percent, when in fact, it does. (WFM-25726)

WFM Web now prevents the class of vulnerabilities related to Java deserialization. This update prevents not only the specific case described on the web page (linked below), but any other as yet unknown cases, by explicitly restricting deserialization only to specific known classes.

For more information about this vulnerability, see foxglovesecurity.com. (WFM-25725)

WFM Web has a renewed certificate for signing Java code. The certificate in previous WFM versions expires on July 7, 2016. Using previous versions after that date might generate warnings or errors when attempting to use Web for Supervisors Java-based views. To resolve this issue, Genesys recommends you upgrade to the latest version of WFM Web that includes the updated certificate. (WFM-25657)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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