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Workforce Management Web Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
03/16/15 General X X X X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Functionality Moved to WFM Web—The following functions and configuration parameters, previously in WFM Configuration Utility, are now in WFM Web for Supervisors:
    • User Security is now in WFM Web's Configuration > Users and Configuration > Roles views.
    • Time Zones are now in WFM Web's Configuration > Organization > Time Zones view.
    • Time-Off Rules are now in WFM Web's Policies > Time-Off Rules view.
    • Skills are now assigned to Business Units in Configuration > Organization > Business Units > Skills view.
    • Data Aggregator Setup is now in WFM Web's Configuration > Organization > Business Units > Configuration and Configuration > Organization > Sites > Configuration views.
    • Activity Statistics are now in WFM Web's Configuration > Activities > Statistics view.
    • Data Import/Export—In WFM Web's Forecast > Import view. Data export is done through Forecast reports, using the CSV format.
    • Global Settings (Options tab)—Some settings are now in WFM Web for Supervisors and some are discontinued, as follows:
      • Week Start Day—In WFM Web's Configuration > Organization > Business Units > Properties view.
      • Default Time Zone—Setting removed/discontinued. The user's time zone on the Enterprise level is used in Web for Supervisors Forecast and Performance modules.
      • Audit Level options—Settings removed/discontinued and the Audit level will always be High.
      • E-mail Synchronization Enabled—Setting removed. E-mail are synchronized automatically.
      • Paid Breaks are mandatory—In WFM Web's Configuration > Organization > Sites > Properties view.
      • Suppress Break-related warnings while scheduling—In WFM Web's Configuration > Organization > Sites > Properties view.
      • Allow all existing users to access new Sites—Setting removed/discontinued. Users do not have access to new Sites, unless they have or are explicitly given Business Units access rights.
  • WFM Web for Agents Help—This Help system is now published and delivered as online content. See Workforce Management Web for Agents Help.
  • Multiple Time-Off Types Assigned to Rule—WFM enables assignment of multiple Time-Off types to a single Time-off Rule and tracks the number of hours taken for each Time-Off type.
  • Enhanced Time-Off Management Report—The report now displays each Time-Off type, when the reported time off was taken, and displays other Time-Off types in the same Time-Off Rule assignment.
  • Understaffing Alert in Intra-Day—The Schedule > Intra-Day > Performance view now displays alerts in the Required and Calculated Difference columns if understaffing occurs. WFM displays the color-coded alert in red by default, but users can change the color, if desired.
  • Ability to Build Schedules Using Primary and Secondary Activities—WFM has a new option to allow schedules to be built using secondary Activities. WFM schedules the agents to work on their primary Activities first. Agents will be scheduled to work on their secondary Activities if the primary is overstaffed or the secondary Activity has not met its minimum staffing requirement. This option is also available in the Intra-Day Re-optimization Wizard.
  • Variance can be Converted to Overtime Required—In the Master Schedule > Overtime Requirement view, the understaffed values (negative values in Staffing Variance column) can now be converted to the Overtime Required values.
  • User Security Enhancement—Supervisors who do not work with Forecasts (and have no access to that module), are now restricted from jeopardizing the integrity of Forecast data either purposely or inadvertently, and cannot save data as a Forecast template.
  • Supported in this release:
    • Microsoft Windows 8, 64-bit (compatible, native mode on WFM Web and WFM Database Utility only)
    • FireFox Extended Support Release
    • Java 8

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

When configuring statistics for Activities in WFM Web, the Queue and Routing Point objects are not filtered according to the Site configuration. Previously, when statisitics were configured in WFM Configuration Utility, these objects were limited by the Associated Switch or Switch used for statistics settings, if specified. (WFM-22923)

Multi-Site Activities are now created and saved successfully in localized versions of WFM Web. Previously, newly created Multi-Site Activities could not be saved in certain localized versions of WFM Web. (WFM-22872)

The Contact Center Performance Graphs report now correctly displays text in the legend of the report's graphics. Previously, if WFM used a character set and font other than one for Western Europe, it displayed incorrect symbols. (WFM-22628)

The table header in the Adherence Totals report now displays correctly. Previously, if WFM used a character set and font other than one for Western Europe, incorrect characters appeared in the header. (WFM-22584)

The Calendar Audit report now correctly displays the name of the agent that entered or updated a Time-Off item. Previously, if an agent made a change to a Time-Off item, the report displayed the name as Unknown. (WFM-22053)

Supervisors can now assign agents to Sites and Teams even if they do not have Edit/Add/Delete security rights to Configuration > Organization view. Previously, Supervisors could not assign agents to Sites or Teams if they did not have these security rights. (WFM-22051)

WFM Web now correctly displays Exceptions and Time-Off types in the Schedule Audit report. Previously, some Exceptions and Time-Off types would sometimes be incorrectly displayed as Full-Day items in the Schedule Audit report if the same Exception or Time-Off type was present as a Full-Day and a Part-Day item in the schedules included in the Schedule Audit report. This issue did not occur when the same type was present only as a Part-Day item. (WFM-22038)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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