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Workflow Does Not Compile

If a routing application has been deployed, but Orchestration Server (ORS) is not compiling the workflow, consider the following:

  • ORS can only run SCXML applications generated/specified in an interaction process diagram (IPD).
  • Typically, for voice applications, you create one or more IPD diagrams, plus one workflow diagram per strategy.
  • IPD Workflow blocks, Resource property, refer to the workflow diagram(s).
  • The EnhancedRoutingScript objects in the Configuration Database associated with the Routing Point must point to the IPD SCXML and not to the workflow SCXML.
  • At runtime, the IPD SCXML will include the workflow SCXML.
  • If an EnhancedRoutingScript object is associated with the workflow SCXML instead of the IPD, ORS places an error message in the log.
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