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Search Menu

Search results are displayed in the Search view, which appears if not previously present. The Search menu contains the following items:

Search Opens the Search dialog box, where you can perform file, text or Java searches. Java searches operate on the structure of the code. File searches operate on the files by name and/or text content. Java searches are faster, since there is an underlying indexing structure for the code structure. Text searches allow you to find matches inside comments and strings.
File Opens the Search dialog box. If it is not already selected, select the File Search tab. In the Containing text field, type the search string. For a Java search, make sure that the File name patterns field is set to *.java. The Scope should be set to Workspace. Then click Search. Note: To find all files of a given file name pattern, leave the Containing Text field empty.
Text After selecting text, searches a workspace, a project, a file, or a working set. Working sets group elements for display in views or for operations on a set of elements. They restrict the set of resources that are displayed. If a working set is selected in the navigator, only resources, children of resources, and parents of resources contained in the working set are shown.
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