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Sessions and Interactions

Orchestration Server introduces the concept of sessions. An understanding of these concepts is important to effectively use Routing functionality in Composer. Please consult the Orchestration Server 8.1 Deployment Guide for references to detailed technical information.

Composer generated SCXML applications make sure that an SCXML session is created whenever an interaction is pulled from an Interaction Queue and presented to the SCXML application. This behavior applies to:

  • All new interactions received by Orchestration platform.
  • Interactions that have been placed in the interaction by an SCXML application.
  • New interaction created by Orchestration platform as a result of an action (e.g., E-mail Response and Create SMS blocks).

However, under certain circumstances, use of the SCXML State block or a hand-coded subroutine may result in a new interaction being created. In such cases, special care must be taken to process the new interaction since the default behavior is to take action on the original interaction that resulted in the session being created. One of the following approaches is recommended in such cases.

  • If the Interaction ID is not known, retrieve the Interaction ID from the _genesys.ixn.interactions[x].g_uid list.
  • Place the new interaction in a different queue using the Queue Interaction block. When the interaction is presented to the workflow connected to the queue, a new session is created, thereby all further actions are performed on the presented interaction.
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