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Voice CTI Blocks

CTI (which stands for Computer Telephony Integration) blocks provide interfaces between Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) and Genesys Framework components and SIP Server. There are six CTI blocks:

  • Get Access Number Block for using Get access number to retrieve the access code (number) of a remote site from an IVR Server.
  • Interaction Data Block for sending attached data. Get and Put operations are supported.
  • Route Request Block for sending route requests. It uses the Userdata extension attribute for sending back data attached to an interaction (attached data).
  • Statistics Block to retrieve statistics from Stat Server via IServer.
  • ICM Interaction Data Block to work with a Cisco product called Intelligent Contact Management (ICM), which provides intelligent routing and Computer Telephony Integration. You can use the GVP ICM Adapter in VoiceXML applications when invoking services, responding to requests, and sharing data.
  • ICM Route Request Block to transfer a call to Intelligent Contact Management.

Also see Working with CTI Applications.

CTI Scenarios: SIPS versus CTIC

Composer will generate code for both SIP Server and CTI Connection scenarios simultaneously. The code to be executed at runtime depends on which scenario is active when the voice application runs. No decision is required at design time. For more information, see the topic CTI Scenarios. Also see the VoiceXML Reference on the Genesys Voice Platform Wiki.

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