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Outbound Common Blocks

The Outbound blocks support Genesys Outbound Contact, an automated product for creating, modifying, running, and reporting on outbound campaigns for proactive customer contact. Outbound Contact Solution (OCS) provides automated dialing and call-progress detection, so that an Agent is required only when a customer is connected. Composer supplies the following Outbound blocks:

Block Name Block Description
Add Record Automates building of Calling Lists by adding a new record to a specified Calling List.
Cancel Record Cancels a customer record in a calling list.
Do Not Call Adds a contact record, such as a phone number or an e-mail address, to a specified Do Not Call List and marks the corresponding record as Do Not Call.
Record Processed Marks a record as requiring no further handling.
Reschedule Record Reschedules a customer interaction from the specified Calling List.
Update Record Updates a Calling List record that you specify via a RecordHandle parameter.

OCS Variables

The Outbound blocks use OCS variables for SCXML applications and OCS variables for VXML applications, present in the Entry blocks of their respective diagrams. These variables are prefixed by "OCS_" and are added to the Entry by default.

Using the Outbound Blocks

Outbound blocks are specifically designed to be used in callflows/workflows that are configured to work with Outbound records, the essential element of which is communication between Universal Routing Server (URS) and Interaction Server, and between Interaction Server and OCS. For additional information, see the Outbound Contact documentation.

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