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Voice External Message Blocks

The External Messaging palette provides blocks for NGI extensions to send and receive external messages to/from external entities such as CCXML applications. There are four External Message blocks:

  • Receive Block for receiving synchronous and asynchronous SIP INFO messages. This is can be used to receive messages from CCXML applications.
  • Send Data Block, which is a wrapper around the <send namelist> tag) for sending a list of variables as SIP INFO to the other end point. The data is sent in the form-url-encoded format, in the BODY of the SIP INFO.
  • Send Info Block generates the NGI VXML <send body> tag for sending any content in the Body of the SIP INFO. By default, content-type is set to text/plain. Typically, this can be used in conjunction will CCXML applications.
  • Send Event Block generates the NGI VXML <send event> tag to send SIP INFO events or custom events between the VXML dialog and the CCXML application.

For all the Send [xxx] blocks, you have the option to specify the Wait for response property as true in those blocks to send the message synchronously.


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