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Workforce Management Web Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
06/29/18 Update X X X

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What's New

This release includes only resolved issues.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

In WFM Web for Agents My Schedule view, agents can now move the focus indicator through tables by using [ALT] + [Left arrow] or [Alt] + [Right arrow] key combination. Previously, this combination key function did not work in tables. (WFM-29456)

In WFM Web for Agents, the order of the focus indicator in the Schedule Details view has changed and is now set to focus first on the check box at the top of the table, and then move to the Paid hours field at the bottom of the view. (WFM-29455)

The OK button in the session time out error dialog now appears correctly when agents are switching from the new Web for Agents to Web for Agents (Classic). Previously, the button label incorrectly appeared as S_OK. (WFM-29454)

The Schedule Trade Report now includes agent information only from selected sites when filtering available agents. Previously, the report contained agent information from unselected sites when certain teams or sites were used to filter available agents. (WFM-29452, WFM-29451)

The following issues in the WFM Web for Agents interface are updated by using Adaptive technology:

  • JAWS now announces the Previous, Next, Calendar, Schedule settings, and Create trade proposals buttons and they are now labelled.
  • The Skip to main content link now correctly links to the module title.
  • JAWS no longer announces:
    • Invisible asterisks in the Password field when it is empty.
    • Empty navigation regions.
    • Multiple lists that were used for formatting.


Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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