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Section: AgentTimeOff
Default Value: true
Valid Values: true, false
Changes Take Effect: Immediately
Dependencies: None

Specifies whether or not agents can submit time-off requests to be wait-listed.

This option is applicable to WFM Web for Agents (Classic) only and must be added manually. It is deprecated in 8.5.205 and later releases of WFM Web for Agents.

If this option value is set to true and agents submit time-off requests that violate time-off limits, they can submit the time-off request for wait-listing. If this option value is set to false, agents are not permitted to submit time off for wait-listing.

Workforce Management Web Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
12/22/16 General X X X

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List of Release Notes

What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • A new WFM Agent user interface is introduced in this release. (WFM-23593)
  • The Workforce Management Agent Help is introduced in this release, which describes the WFM Web Application's new Agent user interface and explains how to use it. The previous version of the Help is renamed Workforce Management Web for Agents (Classic) Help.
  • The following features are introduced in the new WFM Agent Application:
    • In the Schedules view, agents can now print their schedules for 1-6 weeks or for the Planning Period. (WFM-25344)
    • In the Time Off view, agents can now choose the month from which to present data to more easily view and request time off in the view, rather than navigating between calendar year periods. (WFM-25343)
    • The Schedule > Other Schedules view now:
      • Displays Activities details, such as start and end times. (WFM-23594)
      • Clearly identifies full-day Time-Off items by name and with a colored bar above the name. (WFM-25231)
      • Displays Activity Sets in their configured colors, enabling agents to see who is working on which Activity Set. (WFM-25229)
      • Agents can now search on agents' names. (WFM-23597)
  • WFM now preserves Marked Time of type Overtime and Payback during Intra-Day schedule reoptimization. The Marked Time of type Payback is new in this release. (WFM-26465)
  • The Web for Supervisors Master Schedule > Agent Extended and Scenario > Agent Extended views now include a Weekday column, that shows the name of the weekday. (WFM-25839)

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

The [AgentTimeOff] AllowWaitList configuration option found in the WFM Web Application has been removed from the Application template as it is not applicable to the new Agent UI. However, it is still applicable to the classic Web for Agents UI and if required, must be added manually. (WFM-26715)

WFM Web now retains the user's selection when the Use Multi-Site Activities option is set while switching between Forecast views. Previously, if users left the Forecast view after setting this option and returned to it, they would have to reset this option. (WFM-26690)

WFM now generates the Activity Properties, Contract Properties, Rotating Pattern Properties reports and shows data, regardless of the week start day in the user's locale. Previously, WFM displayed an error message when generating these reports, if the week start day in the user's locale was something other than Sunday or Monday. (WFM-26637)

WFM Web now shows the Contact Center Performance report if the user generating it, switches to another module, and then switches back to the report. Previously in this scenario, the report was no longer visible when the user switched back. (WFM-26589)

In the new Agent UI, the Legend in the My Schedule view displays properly, adapting to the number of items contained within it. This is an improvement, based on the classic Agent UI, where the Legend in the Schedule view did not properly display if it contained many items. (WFM-26572)

WFM no longer generates an error when users click on a graph in the Performance Monitor view. The occurrence of this error did not impact functionality. (WFM-26568)

Agents in Business Units that have a start day of Sunday can now log in successfully to their WFM Web mobile application. Previously, the Web mobile application froze when these agents attempted to log in. (WFM-26565)

Now, after translation, the WFM Web for Agents (Classic) UI displays session expiration messages in the correct language in the Schedule and other views. Previously, these messages were sometimes incorrectly displayed in English. (WFM-26563)

WFM Web for Supervisors now correctly displays the Estimated End Time after rows are copied and pasted in the Rotating Patterns > Properties view. Previously, the Estimated End Time displayed incorrectly until the copied and pasted rows were saved. Then, they displayed correctly. (WFM-26531)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

Supported Languages

See Release 8.5.x Translation Support.

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