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Workforce Management Web Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
07/29/16 General X X X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • A new implementation of the Time-Off Bidding feature includes the following improvements and enhancements:
    • A new bidding process flow, in which time-off requests for a bidding period are processed multiple times, allowing agents to make changes to comply with time-off limits and bidding period constraints.
    • Supervisors can create and configure multiple Bidding Period objects for the same time-off requests interval.
    • New properties in the Bidding Period object, enabling better control and assignment of agent time-off requests, such as:
      • The First come, first served property now uses the time that the agent last changed his/her status to Ready as the sorting criteria to ensure a uniform sort order in the bid assignment process.
      • The Maximum number of <weeks, days, hours> that can be requested properties restrict the number of weeks, days, and hours that an agent can request within a bidding period.
      • The new Minimum Consecutive Days property, which replaces Minimum Days.
      • The Do not process property enables supervisors to suspend or resume the bid assignment process.
      • The Allowed Agent Timeout property enables supervisors to set a timeout interval to allow agents to change their time-out requests to conform with time-off limits and bidding period constraints.
    • New agent bidding statuses, enabling supervisors to manage the flow of the bidding process in Web for Supervisors, and agents to manage their status when bidding for time off in Web for Agents.
    • A new constraint requires agents to submit time-off requests, in which all items in the request are either within or outside of the bidding period time-off interval. Agents must enter time-off requests that cross the bidding period boundaries as multiple separate requests.
    • WFM now counts only Granted and Scheduled time off when presenting values in the Time off Limits view in Web for Agents. Agents will see these values when requesting time-off within an open bidding period.
    • A new Notification of Time-Off Bidding Changes is sent to supervisors and agents when time-off requests cannot be granted, or when the agent is skipped after the configurable timeout interval has expired.
    • This feature supports migration of earlier 8.5.x releases.
  • WFM Web now allow supervisors to use Java-based views in browsers that do not support the Java plug-in.
    The RUN_JAVA_STANDALONE setting in Web for Supervisors About > Settings... view enables users to run Java views from browsers that do not support Java Plug-Ins. If this setting is checked, WFM generates and downloads the wfm.jnlp file, rather than attempt to start the Java applet.
    The applet launches automatically. However, you might have to save it to your hard drive and start it, as you would any other application. It then starts as a standalone Java Webstart application, containing Java-based supervisor views.
    • You cannot use the wfm.jnlp file to start the Web for Supervisors views at any time. The file is valid and launches the application only if the user's session, from which the file was downloaded, is active. After the user logs off or the session expires, the (separate) Java application stops working too. Therefore, you must keep the browser window, from which the wfm.jnlp file was downloaded, open for the duration of work and remain logged in.
    • If the local settings in About > Settings... are changed, you must download the wfm.jnlp file again and restart before the changes take effect. (WFM-25696)
  • Added Microsoft Windows 10 support for WFM Web for Supervisors and Web for Agents GUIs only.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

WFM now preserves the column width in the Supervisor's Schedule > Intra-Day view when checking and unchecking the Full-Day View check box. Previously, the column width would change if this setting changed. (WFM-25995)

WFM Web now works correctly in the Forecast > Import view, if uncommon locales are selected, such as English (Malaysia). Now, if WFM Web cannot recognize a locale, it uses the base language locale. For example, if English (Malaysia) is configured on a computer, the Forecast > Import view falls back to the default English settings, with no specific country information. Previously in this scenario, WFM would produce errors in the Forecast > Import view, if uncommon locales were used. (WFM-25828)

WFM Web's Schedule > Intra-Day view now properly refreshes Performance data when switching between dates. Previously, in some configurations, Performance data intermittently failed to update and did not match the data presented in the schedule. (WFM-25827)

WFM Web for Supervisors Home screen now displays the correct background colors when applying the High Contrast theme. Previously, when this theme was applied, incorrect background colors were displayed, affecting usability by making it difficult to read some text. (WFM-25826)

In WFM Web's Configuration > Agents view, users can now enter decimal numbers for locales in the Wage field and save it. Previously, WFM Web did not accept locales that used decimal separators as commas as valid values in the Wage field. (WFM-25825)

WFM Web no longer uses the character set (charset) specified for Reporting when importing Forecast data. A new field in the Forecast > Import wizard enables optional specification of the character set. Normally, it does not need to be specified, but in special cases a charset can be specified and used to save imported data files. (WFM-25707)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

Supported Languages

See Release 8.5.x Translation Support.

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