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This section contains options related to Interaction Server cluster operation.



Default Value: true
Valid Values: true, false
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

This option is used by Interaction Server Proxy and specifies whether the proxy should (true) or should not (false) use this instance of Interaction Server within a cluster to submit new inbound interactions. With a setting of 'false', the server continues to process existing interactions but does not accept new interactions from media-server clients connected through the proxy. This makes it possible to gradually take the cluster node out of operation. Notes: -This option does not affect Integrated Capture Points, which must be stopped separately. -This option works only for clients of media server type submitting interactions with type Inbound. Any other configuration can still submit to this Interaction Server.


Default Value:
Valid Values: The list of supported media types
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

The option specifies the list of media types supported by this instance of Interaction Server in cluster. This option is used by Interaction Server Proxy to route requests to appropriate server in the cluster based on media type specified in the request.

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