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*tenant_dbid* in this section name represents the database ID of the tenant, in decimal format. For example, a complete endpoints section name might be: endpoints:101.

In addition to the default option, Chat Server can have multiple options where each additional option defines an endpoint to connect to the applicable Interaction Server queue. For example, if a customer wants to define a different entry queue for a specific channel, they can add a special endpoint that can be used subsequently in the Digital Messaging Server (DMS) configuration for this channel.



Default Value:
Valid Values: Any valid queue name (from the tenant identified by tenant DBID in section name).
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

Specifies the name of the default queue used for routing chat requests if Chat Server is unable to resolve the queue keyword from the web application. No value is automatically configured for this option. You can configure this section either manually or using the Interaction Routing Designer.

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