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Interaction Concentrator Options Reference

Welcome to the Options Reference for Interaction Concentrator. This document provides full information about all the configuration options that are set on the Interaction Concentrator application object and in Interaction Concentrator–related configuration sections on other objects, such as DNs.

Interaction Concentrator Application

Options for this component are contained in the following configuration sections:

In the summary table(s) below, type in the Search box to quickly find options, configuration sections, or other values, and/or click a column name to sort the table. Click an option name to link to a full description of the option. Be aware that the default and valid values are the values in effect with the latest release of the software and may have changed since the release you have; refer to the full description of the option to see information for earlier releases.

Power users: Download a CSV file containing default and valid values and descriptions.

The following options are configured at the application level (in other words, on the application object).

Section Option Default Changes Take Effect
Section Option Default Changes Take Effect
callconcentrator acc-proc-tout
callconcentrator acc-queue-lifespan 5 Immediately
callconcentrator acc-queue-size 500 Immediately
callconcentrator adata-default-storage public After restart
callconcentrator adata-extensions-history none After restart
callconcentrator adata-reasons-history none After restart
callconcentrator adata-spec-name ccon_adata_spec.xml Immediately
callconcentrator adata-userdata-history none After restart
callconcentrator advanced-ext-party-reconstruction 0 Immediately.
callconcentrator agent-pstorage-name apstorage.db After restart
callconcentrator calls-in-the-past 0 After restart
callconcentrator cfg-annex 0 After restart
callconcentrator cfg-auto-resync 0 Immediately.
callconcentrator cfg-dbname cfg-sync.db After restart
callconcentrator cfg-long-vag-script 0 Immediately
callconcentrator cluster-iproxy-udata cfg After restart
callconcentrator cseq-adjustment 0 Immediately
callconcentrator db-schema-name After restart
callconcentrator dbw-request-tout 600 Immediately
callconcentrator dbw-seq-step 500 After restart
callconcentrator dbw-seq-tout 60 Immediately
callconcentrator dest-busy-processing 0 Immediately
callconcentrator dss-no-data-tout 300 After restart
callconcentrator enable-fwd-on-routing 0 Immediately
callconcentrator enable-supervision-subscription false After restart
callconcentrator extended-route-result 0 After restart
callconcentrator gcti-mode-monitoring 0 After restart
callconcentrator gcti-re-registration-tout 0 10 Immediately
callconcentrator gls-active-reason-codes 0 After restart
callconcentrator gls-acw-first 0 After restart
callconcentrator gls-enforce-reason-code 0 After restart.
callconcentrator gls-stats-update 0 After restart
callconcentrator gls-stats-update-delta 10 After restart
callconcentrator gls-store-event-seq 1 After restart
callconcentrator gos-long-cust-field 0 Immediately
callconcentrator gos-write-duplicate-metrics 0 After restart
callconcentrator gos-write-metrics 1 After restart
callconcentrator gos-write-metrics-only 0 After restart
callconcentrator gud-cust-disp 0 Immediately
callconcentrator gud-cust-disp-groups 16 After restart
callconcentrator http-protocol-enabled 1 After restart
callconcentrator ignore-milliseconds 0 Immediately
callconcentrator log-call-failure 0 Immediately
callconcentrator max-userdata-length 255 Immediately
callconcentrator mcr-om-processing 1 After restart
callconcentrator om-check-filter-flag 1 After restart
callconcentrator om-flush-adata 0 Immediately
callconcentrator om-force-adata 0 After restart
callconcentrator om-max-in-memory 100 After restart
callconcentrator om-memory-optimization 0 After restart
callconcentrator partition-type 0 Immediately
callconcentrator ph-use-epn 0 Immediately
callconcentrator pq-backlog-alarm-threshold 0 After restart
callconcentrator pq-backlog-clearance-threshold 0 After restart
callconcentrator pq-dbname icon_<dbid>.pq After restart
callconcentrator pq-purge-number 10 Immediately
callconcentrator pq-startup-check 1 After restart
callconcentrator pq-startup-purge 0 After restart
callconcentrator role all After restart
callconcentrator route-res-vqid-hist-enabled 0 After restart
callconcentrator ssc-processing 1 Immediately
callconcentrator start-cfg-sync -1 Immediately
callconcentrator store-releasing-party 0 After restart
callconcentrator store-route-result-reliability 0 After restart
callconcentrator support-unicode 0 After restart
callconcentrator suppress-user-data 1 After restart
callconcentrator sync-call-data-limit 1000000 Immediately
callconcentrator timestamp-processing 0 Immediately
callconcentrator trim-broken-utf8 0 Immediately
callconcentrator tsync-threshold 1000 Immediately
callconcentrator update-ixn-f-adata false Immediately
callconcentrator use-dss-monitor 0 After restart
callconcentrator use-nts-call-state 0 Immediately
callconcentrator use-server-partyuuid 0 After restart
callconcentrator vq-write-mode 0 After restart
custom-states AgentRecordUserTypes Immediately
custom-states AgentUserFields No default value After restart
custom-states EventData No default value Immediately
custom-states EventExtensions No default value Immediately
custom-states GlobalData No default value Immediately
custom-states max-party-info 16 Immediately
custom-states store-event-data none Immediately
custom-states store-event-extensions none Immediately
dbw-error-reactions uniqueness Immediately
filter-data acd-party-history 0 After restart
filter-data acd-party-metrics 0 After restart
filter-data call-history 0 After restart
filter-data call-metrics 0 After restart
filter-data external-party 0 After restart
filter-data gls-all 0 After restart
filter-data gls-ivr 0 After restart
filter-data gls-metrics 0 After restart
filter-data gls-no-person 0 After restart
filter-data gls-queue 0 After restart
filter-data gls-wm 0 After restart
filter-data ir-history 0 After restart
filter-data observer-party 0 After restart
filter-data udata-history-terminated 0 After restart
http port No default value After restart
http protocol sip Immediately
http transport TCP Immediately
listeners user-named-option No default value Immediately
log x-conn-debug-open As specified by the x-server-trace-level option Immediately
log x-conn-debug-select As specified by the x-server-trace-level option Immediately
log x-conn-debug-timers As specified by the x-server-trace-level option Immediately
log x-conn-debug-write As specified by the x-server-trace-level option Immediately
log x-print-attached-data 0 Immediately
log x-print-treatment-attr 1 Immediately
log x-server-config-trace-level As specified by the x-server-trace-level option Immediately
log x-server-dbw-debug-level As specified by the x-server-trace-level option Immediately
log x-server-dbw-trace-level As specified by the x-server-trace-level option Immediately
log x-server-debug-level 0 Immediately
log x-server-gcti-trace-level As specified by the x-server-trace-level option Immediately
log x-server-http-trace-level As specified by the x-server-trace-level option Immediately
log x-server-smtp-trace-level As specified by the x-server-trace-level option Immediately
log x-server-trace-level 0 Immediately

Other Configuration Objects


The following options are configured at the Switch level (in other words, on the Switch object).

Section Option Default Changes Take Effect
Section Option Default Changes Take Effect
gts call-deletion-timeout 30 Immediately
gts delivered-flag 0, 2 After restart
gts emulate-event-queued-extrp -1 Immediately
gts emulate-event-queued-rp -1 Immediately
gts emulate-event-queued-rq -1 Immediately
gts fix-time-stamps 0 After restart
gts gcti-re-registration-tout 0 10 Immediately
gts gls-acw-first -1 After restart
gts gls-associations-rule -1, 0 After restart
gts gls-enable-acw-busy 1 After restart
gts gls-flag-on-disconnect 0 Immediately
gts gls-improve-data-for-agent 0 After restart
gts gls-max-duration 0 Immediately
gts gls-max-inactivity 0 Immediately
gts gls-use-ts-id 1 After restart
gts gts-dnis-detection 0 After restart
gts lookup-queue-on-ringing 1, 0 After restart
gts min-tsync-roundtrip 50 Immediately
gts ring-divert 0 After restart
gts same-dn 0 After restart
gts sst-options 0 After restart
gts support-dn-type-N -1 After ICON connects or reconnects to T-Server
gts suppress-user-data -1 After restart
gts switch-multi-links-enabled 0 After restart
gts sync-calls-on-switchover 1 Immediately
gts third-party-queue-in-divert 0 After restart
gts use-server-partyuuid -1 After restart
gts valid-digits 0123456789 Immediately
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