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dbw-error-reactions Section

The option or options in this section define Interaction Concentrator reactions to specific database error messages. In other words, each configuration option in this section represents a rule for handling a certain database error.

If Interaction Concentrator receives a database error message, it tries to find the text specified in the configuration option as a substring of the error message. If it finds this substring text, it applies the specified error reaction.

You can use the predefined uniqueness error reaction or configure your own options.



Default Value:
Valid Values: Any string in the format error=error_substring;reaction=reaction_type
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

Defines how ICON reacts to a database error message that contains a particular text substring. Create a separate option for every database error message for which a certain reaction is required. Specify any meaningful name as the option name, making it unique within the dbw-error-reactions section; ICON does not process the name parameter. Include both a database error message and the expected reaction as two parameters of the option value, in the following format: error=<error substring>;reaction=<reaction type>
Example: error=unique;reaction=ignore
For more information about the syntax of the error substring and supported reaction types, see the description of this option in the Interaction Concentrator Deployment Guide.

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