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RTME Options Reference

Welcome to the Options Reference for Stat Server. This document provides full information about all the configuration options that are set on the Stat Server application object and in Stat Server–related configuration sections on other objects, such as DNs.

Stat Server Application

You are not required to configure any options to start a Stat Server application.

Options for this component are contained in the following configuration sections:

In the summary table(s) below, type in the Search box to quickly find options, configuration sections, or other values, and/or click a column name to sort the table. Click an option name to link to a full description of the option. Be aware that the default and valid values are the values in effect with the latest release of the software and may have changed since the release you have; refer to the full description of the option to see information for earlier releases.

Power users: Download a CSV file containing default and valid values and descriptions.

The following options are configured at the application level (in other words, on the application object).

Section Option Default Changes Take Effect
Section Option Default Changes Take Effect
common enable-ipv6 0 (for backward compatibility) Immediately
common rebind-delay 10 After restart
db-direct-connection debug 0 After restart
db-direct-connection enable off After restart
db-direct-connection verbose 0 After restart
ha addp-remote-timeout 10 Immediately
ha addp-timeout 10 Immediately
ha addp-trace both Immediately
ha chunk-size 5000 Immediately
ha chunk-timeout 1 Immediately
ha connect-timeout 2 Immediately
ha session-expiration-period 1800 Immediately
ha session-expiration-timeout 120 Immediately
java-config java-extension-loading-timeout 60 Immediately
java-config java-extensions-dir ./java/ext After restart, or upon setting the enable-java configuration option to true.
java-config java-libraries-dir ./java/lib After restart, or upon setting the enable-java configuration option to true.
java-config jvm-path No default value After restart, or upon setting the enable-java configuration option to true.
java-extensions <filename>.jar No default value During Java Extension initialization phase
java-extensions <Name> No default value During Java Extension initialization phase
log alarm No default value Immediately
log all No default value Immediately
log buffering true Immediately
log check-point 1 Immediately
log compatible-output-priority false Immediately
log debug No default value Immediately
log enable-thread false Immediately
log expire 10 Immediately
log interaction No default value Immediately
log keep-startup-file false After restart
log memory No default value Immediately
log memory-storage-size 2 MB When memory output is created
log messagefile StatServer.lms After restart or Immediately, if Stat Server cannot locate the statserver.lms file at startup
log message_format short Immediately
log print-attributes false Immediately
log segment 100 MB Immediately
log spool The Stat Server working directory Immediately
log standard No default value Immediately
log throttle-period 30 Immediately
log throttle-threshold 5000 Immediately
log time_convert local Immediately
log time_format time Immediately
log trace No default value Immediately
log verbose all Immediately
log x-conn-debug-all 0 After restart
log x-conn-debug-api 0 After restart
log x-conn-debug-dns 0 After restart
log x-conn-debug-open 0 After restart
log x-conn-debug-security 0 After restart
log x-conn-debug-select 0 After restart
log x-conn-debug-timers 0 After restart
log x-conn-debug-write 0 After restart
log-extended level-reassign-disable false Immediately
log-extended level-reassign-<eventID> Default value of log event <eventID>. Refer to the Common Log Events Help or statserver.lms (located in the directory where Stat Server is installed) for a listing of each of Stat Server’s the default levels. Immediately
log-filter default-filter-type copy Immediately
log-filter filtering true Immediately, if application is subscribed to notifications that this option has been changed.
log-filter-data <key name> copy Immediately
OCCExtension assignment-reset-delay 30000 After restart
OCCExtension java-extension-jar OCCStatExtension.jar After restart
OCCExtension print-level standard After restart
overload allow-new-connections-during-overload true Immediately
overload allow-new-requests-during-overload true Immediately
overload cpu-cooldown-cycles 30 After restart
overload cpu-poll-timeout 10 After restart
overload cpu-threshold-high 80 After restart
overload cpu-threshold-low 60 After restart
overload cut-debug-log true Immediately
overload protection false Immediately
overload qos-default-overload-policy 0 After restart
overload qos-recovery-enable-lms-messages false After restart
sml hangup-restart true Immediately
sml heartbeat-period 0 Immediately
sml suspending-wait-timeout 10 Immediately
statserver accept-clients-in-backup-mode yes After restart
statserver acw-absorb-mode 0 After restart
statserver allow-asm-outbound-on-established true After restart
statserver allow-vq-orig-dns-from-environment yes After restart
statserver auto-backup-interval 15 After restart
statserver backup-file-aggregates-store true Immediately upon notification
statserver backup-file-name ssbackup.000 After restart
statserver binding-threshold 10 After restart
statserver capacity-treat-acw-as-interaction no After restart
statserver check-stuck-calls no Immediately upon notification
statserver check-stuck-calls-duration 600 After restart
statserver check-stuck-calls-frequency 600 After restart
statserver check-vq-stuck-calls-frequency 600 After restart
statserver consult-acw-mode always After restart
statserver db-timeout 30 After restart
statserver db-txn-max-retries 3 After restart
statserver debug-level Init Immediately upon notification
statserver DefaultAgentSPT ... (an ellipsis) After restart
statserver DefaultDNSPT ... (an ellipsis) After restart
statserver DefaultRPSPT ... (an ellipsis) After restart
statserver disconnect-from-lca-on-history-log-expired false After restart
statserver do-backup-in-background yes After restart
statserver enable-binding no Immediately upon notification
statserver enable-java false After restart, or upon setting the value to true.
statserver filters-allow-wildcards-in-values no After restart
statserver generate-stat-validity-events yes After restart
statserver generate-transfer-taken-on-ringing yes After restart
statserver identity-in-login-table off After restart
statserver ignore-disabled-objects-in-group-statistics no After restart
statserver ignore-disabled-objects-in-queue-statistics no After restart
statserver ignore-off-hook-on-position no After restart
statserver interaction-agent-party-in-progress-on-tenant-max-number 2147483647 After restart
statserver interaction-agent-party-in-progress-on-tenant-media-list chat After restart
statserver interaction-wait-on-sa-max-number 2147483647 After restart
statserver interaction-wait-on-sa-media-list "chat" After restart
statserver interaction-wait-on-tenant-max-number 2147483647 After restart
statserver interaction-wait-on-tenant-media-list "chat" After restart
statserver ixn-id-in-status-table off Immediately upon notification
statserver load-balance-aht 90 After restart (when defined within the Stat Server Application object)
statserver local-time-in-status-table off Immediately upon notification
statserver login-table off Immediately upon notification
statserver management-port 3031 After restart
statserver max-client-connections 0 After restart
statserver max-unsent-sql-statements 100000 (SQL statements) After restart
statserver multimedia-activity-in-status-table yes After restart
statserver nec-position-extension-linked no After restart
statserver old-stats-remove yes Immediately
statserver old-stats-remove-interval 4320 After restart
statserver position-extension-linked yes After restart
statserver qinfo-table off Immediately upon notification
statserver queue-disable-dcid-for-missed-calls no After restart
statserver queue-use-pseudo-actions true After restart
statserver reconnect-timeout 10 After restart
statserver reg-delay 0 After restart
statserver reg-dns-chunk-delay 10 After restart
statserver reg-dns-chunk-volume 1000 After restart
statserver reg-error-delay 0 After restart
statserver reg-error-max-count 0 After restart
statserver rp-handle-queueing-events no After restart
statserver send-timeout 300 After restart
statserver show-attached-data no Immediately upon notification
statserver show-queued-interactions no Immediately upon notification
statserver stat-file-show-clients-list false Immediately
statserver stat-file-show-options false Immediately
statserver stat-file-timeout 10 Immediately
statserver status-table off Immediately
statserver status-table-update-end-time-at-end-only no After restart
statserver subscribe-for-all-ixn-server-events no After restart
statserver suppress-agent-status-updates-for-ixn-server no Immediately upon notification
statserver suppress-user-data undefined Upon DN re-registration
statserver time-format %m/%d/%Y %H:%M:%S After restart
statserver use-server-id Immediately
statserver vag-statistics-active-agents-only no After restart
statserver voice-reasons-table no Immediately upon notification
statserver vq-clean-call-details-upon-party-changed yes After restart
statserver vq-ignore-third-party-dn yes Upon DN re-registration
statserver vq-treat-unknown-third-party-dn-as-agent-dn yes After restart
statserver vq-use-alt-enter-time no After restart
statserver warn-unsent-sql-statements 5000 (SQL statements) After restart
statserver xx-disconnect-clients-on-ixn-server-disconnect no After restart

Other Configuration Objects


The following options are configured on the Switch object.

Section Option Default Changes Take Effect
Section Option Default Changes Take Effect
statserver position-extension-linked Depends on the switch type (see description) On Stat Server start
statserver suppress-user-data no Upon DN re-registration


The following options are configured on the DN object.

Section Option Default Changes Take Effect
Section Option Default Changes Take Effect
statserver media-type No default value Immediately upon notification
statserver use-alt-enter-time no Immediately upon notification
TServer multimedia no Immediately upon notification
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