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The [jvm-options] section is defined on the Options tab of the Stat Server Application object.

The configuration options you specify for this section correspond to the Java executable (java.exe on Windows, java on UNIX), and command-line options specific to your branch and version of JVM. Refer to your JVM documentation to find out its applicable configuration options. For Solaris platforms, set the stack space to at least 4,096K. For example, for HotSpot JVM, configuring the following would accomplish this:


Note that Genesys neither recommends nor endorses any particular JVM.

Configuration options follow the Name/Value format used in other Stat Server sections, where Name is the name of the Java command-line option. If you specify a value for a named configuration option in this section, Stat Server converts the two to Name=Value before passing the option to JVM. If you do not specify a value, Stat Server passes the name only.

Example 1

Assume that foo is a valid option requiring a value for your Java application. To specify a value of some string, create the following configuration option within the [jvm-options] section of your Stat Server application.

Name = -Dfoo

Value = “some string”

Note: Include quotes in the value’s definition, if JVM requires them on the command line.

Example 2

This example demonstrates how to configure an option—the Java HotSpot Client VM—that does not require a value.

Name = -Client

Note: You must include the hyphen if JVM requires it.

Value = <null>

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