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The [java-extensions] section is defined on the Options tab of the Stat Server Application object.



Default Value: No default value
Valid Values: false, true
Changes Take Effect: During Java Extension initialization phase
Related Options: java-extensions-dir

The name of this Java configuration option is the relative path of the Java Extension jar archive with respect to the SSJE installation directory described with [java-config]/java-extensions-dir. The resulting combined path should point inside the SSJE installation directory (note that on UNIX systems, all symbolic links are resolved). Otherwise, Stat Server logs a security violation message and does not load the corresponding SSJE. Furthermore, if Stat Server cannot match the resulting path to any existing Java Extension configured to be loaded, Stat Server ignores the content of this entire section.

The corresponding value is either false (indicating that Stat Server is not to consider this particular Java Extension) or true (indicating that it is). The path is relative to that specified by the java-extensions-dir configuration option—for example, ext1.jar or subdir3/ext3.jar.

If you initially do not set this option when Stat Server first starts, but later set it, Stat Server attempts to dynamically load the extension at runtime. Refer to How to Configure a Particular Java Extension in the Stat Server Deployment Guide for additional information.


Default Value: No default value
Valid Values: <Value>
Changes Take Effect: During Java Extension initialization phase

You can specify additional configuration options following the Name/Value format used in other Stat Server sections, where Name is name of the parameter to be passed to SSJE and Value is the parameter's value. If you do specify a value for a parameter in this section, Stat Server converts the Name/Value pair to Name=Value before passing it to SSJE. If you do not specify a value, Stat Server passes only the name.

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