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listeners Section

This section refers to a separate configuration section that describes the HTTP listening port. You must name this section [listeners] in the ICON Application. The name of this option must correspond to the section name for the [user_named_section] described below.

From release 8.1.512.08 forward, the functionality enabled in this section is no longer supported.



Default Value: No default value
Valid Values: Any string
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

Important: From release 8.1.512.08 forward, the functionality enabled by this option is no longer supported.

To enable access to the performance counters, configure an HTTP Listener option, and then configure a corresponding section, along with its port, protocol, and transport options.

  • You must provide the name for any option you create in the [listeners] section. One option name must match the name of a new section you create to define the parameters for an http connection.
  • Because ICON processes only the name of this option, but not the value, you can use the value to enter a short description for the connection; ICON prints this description to its log.



http-9090="ICON HTTP listener"

Where http-9090 is the same as the name of the section that describes the parameters of an HTTP connection at a port that ICON opens for listening.

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