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Chat Server

This section describes the options contained in ChatServer.xml. As of release 8.5.104 and later, if you want to configure Chat Server for high availability operation with Cassandra, you must create a Resource Access Point application. You can then use the options contained in the ChatServerCassandraRAP.xml file described in Chat Server: Resource Access Point for Cassandra for further configuration.

Options for this component are contained in the following configuration sections:

In the summary table(s) below, type in the Search box to quickly find options, configuration sections, or other values, and/or click a column name to sort the table. Click an option name to link to a full description of the option. Be aware that the default and valid values are the values in effect with the latest release of the software and may have changed since the release you have; refer to the full description of the option to see information for earlier releases.

Power users: Download a CSV file containing default and valid values and descriptions.

The following options are configured at the application level (in other words, on the application object).

Section Option Default Changes Take Effect
Section Option Default Changes Take Effect
client-file-transfer delete-file odd Immediately
client-file-transfer download-attempts 10 Immediately
client-file-transfer file-name-check windows Immediately
client-file-transfer upload-file-types jpg:png:tif:gif:bmp:png:xls:xlsx:doc:ppt:pptx:pdf:csv:htm:txt Immediately
client-file-transfer upload-max-file-size 2097152 Immediately
client-file-transfer upload-max-files 3 Immediately
client-file-transfer upload-max-total-size 5242880 Immediately
client-file-transfer upload-need-agent true Immediately
endpoints:*tenant_dbid* default Immediately
esp-settings esp-default-nickname system Immediately
health-service allow-gms-info false Immediately
health-service log-output-content set Immediately
health-service log-output-proviso update Immediately
health-service log-output-timeout 0 Immediately
health-service soap-accept-timeout 5 After restart
health-service soap-receive-timeout 10 After restart
health-service soap-send-timeout 30 After restart
inactivity-control enabled false Immediately
inactivity-control include-notices major Immediately
inactivity-control message-alert Chat session will be closed soon due to inactivity of chat participants. Immediately
inactivity-control message-alert2 Chat session will be closed very soon due to inactivity of chat participants. Immediately
inactivity-control message-close Chat session closed due to inactivity of chat participants. Immediately
inactivity-control timeout-alert 255 Immediately
inactivity-control timeout-alert2 0 Immediately
inactivity-control timeout-close 45 Immediately
log all stdout Immediately
log buffering false Immediately
log expire 10 Immediately
log messagefile ChatServer.lms Immediately
log segment 10MB Immediately
log standard stdout Immediately
log time-format ISO8601 Immediately
log trace stdout Immediately
log verbose all Immediately
log-filter default-filter-type copy Immediately
log-filter string-max-print-size 128 Immediately
log-filter-data MessageText hide Immediately
log-filter-data Nickname copy Immediately
log-filter-data StructuredText hide Immediately
log-filter-data Subject copy Immediately
log-filter-data Transcript hide Immediately
settings allow-duplicated-kvp true Immediately
settings async-chat-enforce none Immediately
settings async-idle-alert 86400 Immediately
settings async-idle-close 3600 Immediately
settings async-idle-notices major Immediately
settings attach-session-statistics none Immediately
settings attach-stats-rep-events 0 Immediately
settings attach-stats-rep-place 0 Immediately
settings connection-down-report-scs true Immediately
settings flex-disconnect-timeout 45 Immediately
settings flex-no-agents-timeout 0 Immediately
settings flex-push-content session-id, user-id Immediately
settings flex-push-enabled true Immediately
settings flex-push-on-join false Immediately
settings flex-push-resend-attempts 10 Immediately
settings flex-push-resend-delay 15 Immediately
settings flex-push-timeout 300 Immediately
settings hide-attached-data true Immediately
settings identify-create-contact -1 Immediately
settings illegal-xml-char-mask * Immediately
settings ixn-resend-attempts 10 Immediately
settings ixn-resend-delay 1 Immediately
settings ixn-submittedby-name After restart
settings limit-average-interval 15 Immediately
settings limit-for-flex-users 1001 Immediately
settings limit-for-reply-delay 2000 Immediately
settings limit-for-sessions 1000 Immediately
settings limits-control-enabled false Immediately
settings limits-reached-report-scs true Immediately
settings limits-restore-threshold 80 Immediately
settings log-suppress-ping-activity never Immediately
settings max-waiting-requests 500 Immediately
settings message-log-print-size 0 Immediately
settings report-silent-monitoring none Immediately
settings security-token-size 20 Immediately
settings send-typing-notice-back true Immediately
settings server-reply-timeout-ixn 35 Immediately
settings server-reply-timeout-ucs 35 Immediately
settings server-session-nickname system Immediately
settings session-password-enforce never Immediately
settings session-restoration-gap 100 Immediately
settings session-restoration-mode none Immediately
settings session-restore-do-purge false Immediately
settings session-restore-extend-by none Immediately
settings session-restore-push-send false Immediately
settings shutdown-notify-flex-push 0 Immediately
settings stop-abandoned-interaction never Immediately
settings transcript-auto-save 0 Immediately
settings transcript-auto-ucs-mode 0 Immediately
settings transcript-cleanup-action replace-digits Immediately
settings transcript-cleanup-apply never Immediately
settings transcript-cleanup-mask An asterisk (*) Immediately
settings transcript-cleanup-typing none Immediately
settings transcript-content-control 0 Immediately
settings transcript-resend-attempts 10 Immediately
settings transcript-resend-delay 1 Immediately
settings transcript-save-notices selective Immediately
settings transcript-save-on-error continue Immediately
settings use-contact-server true At start/restart
settings user-register-timeout 25 Immediately
settings web-user-max-messages 100 Immediately
settings xml-request-max-size 32768 Immediately
transcript-cleanup allow-bot-unmask false Immediately
transcript-cleanup apply-area never Immediately
transcript-cleanup apply-config mix Immediately
transcript-cleanup clean-subject never Immediately
transcript-cleanup default-repchar * Immediately
transcript-cleanup default-spec replace-digits Immediately
transcript-cleanup save-replaced none Immediately
transcript-cleanup typing-preview none Immediately
transcript-cleanup ucs-default-group Chat Immediately
transcript-cleanup ucs-update-interval 300 Immediately
transcript-cleanup unmask-live-dialog none Immediately
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