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Default Value:
Valid Values: Any valid e-mail address
Changes Take Effect: Immediate

The e-mail address used to fill in the Mailbox field of WebForm-transformed email-in. This address becomes the default from address when replying to web form e-mails, in cases where Web API Server does not already provide a Mailbox key. The value must comply with RFC2822, and therefore must be encoded according to RFC2047. An example of a valid value is


Default Value: default
Valid Values: A string that matches the name of an endpoint defined in the endpoints:<tenant_dbid> section
Changes Take Effect: Immediately
Related Options: endpoints-*tenant_dbid*

Specifies the endpoint name by which E-mail Server identifies the queue to which it will submit a webform. This endpoint name should be defined in the endpoints:<tenant_dbid> section. If this endpoint name is not defined in that section, then E-mail Server uses the default endpoint from the endpoints:<tenant_dbid> section. If no default endpoint is configured in the endpoints:<tenant_dbid> section, or if the endpoints:<tenant_dbid> section does not exist, then E-mail Server works in 7.1 compatibility mode, and uses the email-processing section’s default-inbound-queue option.

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