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Default Value:
Valid Values: Any valid e-mail address
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

The e-mail address used to fill in the From field in the Chat Transcript email-out. The Chat Transcript email-out is the e-mail sent to the customer that includes the transcript of the chat in which the customer had engaged. The value must comply with RFC2822, and therefore must be encoded according to RFC2047. Examples of valid values include the following:
  • legal@mycompany.com
  • "Legal Dpt" <legal@mycompany.com>
  • "=?Cp1252?Q?Dpt_=E9_Legal?=" <legal@mycompany.com> where "=?Cp1252?Q?Dpt_=E9_Legal?=" is the French equivalent of Legal Dept and includes French diacritics.

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