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Section: settings
Default Value: 200
Valid Values: Any integer from 1 to 50,000
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

Specifies the number of interactions that can be submitted to either Universal Routing Server (URS) or Orchestration Server, per strategy. The Strategy object for a particular strategy loaded on a particular URS (or Orchestration Server) can override the value of this option.

Strategy Object

default Section



Default Value: No default value
Valid Values: Any integer from 0–50,000
Changes Take Effect: Immediately
Related Options: default-max-submitted-per-strategy

Specifies the maximum number of interactions that Interaction Server can submit to URS.

If this option exists in the [default] section on the Annex tab of the Strategy object, its value overrides the value specified for the default-max-submitted-per-strategy option for this particular strategy.

A value of 0 prevents interactions from being submitted to the strategy. If you reset the value of this option to a lower value, Interaction Server will not submit any more interactions until the number of interactions falls below the new value.


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