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Universal Contact Server

Options for this component are contained in the following configuration sections:

In the summary table(s) below, type in the Search box to quickly find options, configuration sections, or other values, and/or click a column name to sort the table. Click an option name to link to a full description of the option. Be aware that the default and valid values are the values in effect with the latest release of the software and may have changed since the release you have; refer to the full description of the option to see information for earlier releases.

Power users: Download a CSV file containing default and valid values and descriptions.

The following options are configured at the application level (in other words, on the application object).

Section Option Default Changes Take Effect
Section Option Default Changes Take Effect
authentication enabled false At start/restart
authentication mode multi-users At start/restart
authentication password At start/restart
authentication use-role false At start/restart
authentication username At start/restart
business-attributes map-names false Immediately
cview base-url At start/restart
cview data-validation false Immediately
cview enabled false At start/restart
cview ip-address At start/restart
cview metadata-cache true Immediately
cview metrics-ui metrics_ui.zip At start/restart
cview start-mode maintenance At start/restart
cview tenant-id 101 At start/restart
esp.tls.key password At start/restart
esp.tls.keystore password At start/restart
esp.tls.keystore path ./certificate.jks At start/restart
esp.tls.keystore type JKS At start/restart
http-tls-key password At start/restart
http.tls.keystore password At start/restart
http.tls.keystore path ./certificate.jks At start/restart
http.tls.keystore type JKS At start/restart
index enabled false At start/restart
index shared true At start/restart
index.contact description Contacts At start/restart
index.contact enabled false At start/restart
index.contact index-rebuild if-new At start/restart
index.contact max-results 10 At start/restart
index.contact storage-path At start/restart
index.interaction description Interactions At start/restart
index.interaction enabled false At start/restart
index.interaction index-rebuild if-new At start/restart
index.interaction max-results 10 At start/restart
index.interaction storage-path At start/restart
index.srl description Standard Responses At start/restart
index.srl enabled false At start/restart
index.srl index-rebuild if-new At start/restart
index.srl max-results 10 At start/restart
index.srl storage-path At start/restart
JDBC Info QueryTimeout 0 After restart
JDBC Info Role Main After restart
log false At start/restart
log access-log-apptype-filter-in At next stop/start of Access Log
log access-log-apptype-filter-out At next stop/start of Access Log
log access-log-path access.log At next stop/start of Access Log
log access-log-rolling-period '.'yyyy-MM-dd At next stop/start of Access Log
log all stdout Immediately
log buffering false Immediately
log debug stdout Immediately
log enable-access-log false Immediately
log log-background-activity true Immediately
log log-body false At start/restart
log messagefile ContactServer.lms At start/restart
log standard stdout Immediately
log trace stdout Immediately
log verbose standard Immediately
log-filter default-filter-type copy Immediately
ports ucsapi At start/restart
scheduled-job-XX action purge.service.closed Immediately
scheduled-job-XX cron-expression 0 0 20 ? * 6L Immediately
scheduled-job-XX enabled false Immediately
scheduled-job-XX period 5 Immediately
scheduled-job-XX period-type months Immediately
settings true At start/restart
settings allow-additional-column true At start/restart
settings allow-missing-index true At start/restart
settings archiving-nb-records-per-task 1000 At start/restart
settings archiving-task-pool-size 4 At start/restart
settings convert-idn-to-unicode false At start/restart
settings email-strict-check False Immediately
settings enable-reporting false At start/restart
settings enable-rmi False After restart
settings fieldcode-format-locale Immediately
settings id-generation-ordinal 0 Upon restart
settings log-db-flow-rate true At start/restart
settings log-memory-usage true At start/restart
settings max-select-count 2000 At start/restart
settings openmedia-create-full-interaction false At start/restart
settings primary-attribute-lookup-strategy true At start/restart
settings replace-blank-fieldcode false At start/restart
settings reporting-event-queue-size 4000 At start/restart
settings reporting-interval 00:00:30 Immediately
settings reporting-notifier-pool-size 30 At start/restart
settings retry-on-deadlock 2 At start/restart
settings srl-cache-load-attachment-summary true At start/restart
settings synchronize-cache true At the next synchronization attempt
settings synchronize-contact-metadata-attributes true At the next synchronization attempt
settings synchronize-ixn-attributes true At start/restart
settings synchronize-ixn-metadata-attributes true At the next synchronization attempt
settings synchronize-screening-rules true At the next Screening Rules change
settings synchronize-standard-responses true At the next Standard Responses change
settings third-party-max-queueing-time 15000 At start/restart
settings third-party-pool-size 50 At start/restart
settings ucsapi-backlog 0 At start/restart
settings ucsapi-duplex-mode false At start/restart
settings ucsapi-loopback-timeout 10000 At start/restart

Universal Contact Server DAP

The following options are configured at the DAP level (in other words, on the DAP object).

Section Option Default Changes Take Effect
Section Option Default Changes Take Effect
JDBC-Info Debug false
settings connection-failed-retry 2 After restart
settings db-schema-name No default value After restart
settings inactive-scroll-timeout 600 After restart
settings inactive-txn-timeout 3600 After restart
settings instance No default value After restart
settings interpret-prepared-statements false After restart
settings login-timeout 10 After restart
settings long-query-timeout 7200 After restart
settings max-connections 40 After restart
settings max-idle-time 310 After restart
settings service No default value After restart
settings time-format ISO8601 Immediately
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