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Default Value: Standard Responses
Valid Values: Any character string
Changes Take Effect: At start/restart

This option specifies what will be sent to the Platform SDK contact client in response to a GetIndexProperties request.


Default Value: false
Valid Values: true, false
Changes Take Effect: At start/restart

Enables (true) or disables (false) the index.srl indexing service. If set to FALSE, the index.srl configuration section is ignored.


Default Value: if-new
Valid Values: on-start, if-new, never
Changes Take Effect: At start/restart

Specified when the index will be rebuilt. A value of on-start indicates the index will be rebuilt each time UCS starts. A value of if-new indicates the index will be rebuilt on UCS startup if the index did not previously exist. A value of never means the index will never be rebuilt; only new/updated objects will be created.


Default Value: 10
Valid Values: Integer from 1 to 100
Changes Take Effect: At start/restart

Specifies the number of results returned by the search method of the index if the caller has not specified a maximum results value. If the caller has specified a value for the max-results parameter this option has no effect.


Default Value:
Valid Values: Any valid system path
Changes Take Effect: At start/restart

Specifies the path to the directory in which the index service will create and store its files. For example, for the index section index.contact, and an option value of c:\data\, the full path to the files would be c:\data\index.contact. If Universal Contact Server is running on Unix or Linux, the option value should be set according to Unix naming rules. For example, setting the option value to /var/data for the index section contact.index indicates the files will be stored in the directory /var/data/index.contact.

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