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Parameter Groups

Parameter Groups are sets of Operational Parameters that are associated with a Routing Strategy. They are deployed as Parameter Group Templates by the Service Provider to the tenant. The tenant administrator then assigns values to the Operational Parameters in the Parameter Group. When the URS application executes a Routing Strategy, the values of the Operational Parameters in the associated Parameter Group are incorporated into the call flow.

This screen displays a list of all Parameter Groups for which the tenant that is associated with the logged-in user is associated, and for which you have the required role privileges to view. To refresh the list at any time, click Refresh.

You can filter the contents of this list in several ways:

  • Type the name or partial name of the Parameter Group, Parameter Group Template, Flag, or Tenant in the Quick Filter field.
  • Click the Tenant Filter button (the icon with the circle and horizontal bar) to open the Tenant filter panel. In this panel, click the checkbox(es) beside the tenants that you want to select. Use the Quick Filter field in this panel to filter the tenant list.
  • You can sort the Parameter Groups in the list by clicking on a column head. Clicking a column head a second time reverses the sort order.

Access to each Parameter Group is based on the access control settings of the Configuration Transaction object. The following are general guidelines:

  • If a user has Update permission to the Transactions folder, where the related Configuration Transaction object will be saved, the user can create a new Parameter Group.
  • If a user has Read permission to the related Configuration Transaction object, the user can view the Parameter Group.
  • If a user has Update permission to the related Configuration Transaction object, the user can save the Parameter Group.
  • If a user has Delete permission to the related Configuration Transaction object, the user can delete the Parameter Group.

Click on the name of a Parameter Group to display more information about the Parameter Group in a new panel that opens to the right. Users can click the Access Control button to change the permissions for the Parameter Group, provided that they have Update permission for the object.

It is possible to modify values of Parameter Groups from applications other than GAX (for example, Genesys Administrator or the Configuration Layer). When this occurs, a message appears on the Parameter Group details panel to alert you that the Parameter Group is out of synchronization. You are asked to choose a value from one of the following options:

  • Value from Database—The value stored in the Genesys Administrator Extension database will be used.
  • Value from Transaction Object—The external value will be used.

Click the Save button to synchronize the Parameter Group.

You can perform the following tasks in this screen:

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