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Creating Parameter Group Templates

The Service Provider creates Parameter Group Templates, and assigns Operational Parameters to them.

To create a Parameter Group Template:

  1. In the header, go to Operations > Operational Parameters > Group Templates.
  2. On the Parameter Group Template List panel, click New.
  3. On the New panel that is displayed to the right of the Parameter Group Template List panel, enter the properties (including adding parameters) of the new template.
  4. Optionally, you can click the Add Section button to add the Parameter Group Template to a section in the Parameter Group Template list. A new panel opens to the right. Perform the actions below:
    • In the new panel, type the name for the new section in the Name field.
    • Type the key name for the new section in the Key Name field.
    • Important
      These fields must be unique in the Parameter Group Template.
  5. Click Save to save the new Parameter Group Template, or click Cancel to cancel the new template and not save it in the database.
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