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Parameter Types

The Operational Parameter type appears in the Type field of the properties of a parameter.

Type Description
Audio Resource The ARID of an Audio Resource.
Boolean True or false only.
Configuration Object The type of a configuration object, which is specified in the Object Type field of the parameter's properties. Optionally, when Configuration Object is selected, you can check the checkbox named Multiple Types to select multiple configuration objects to add to this parameter. If the checkbox named Global is checked, a separate panel will open to allow you to select which tenants will receive the parameter. The following types are supported:
  • Agent Group
  • DN
  • Person (more often referred to as User)
  • Place
  • Place Group
  • Skill
  • Stat Server
  • Transaction
Custom List Valid values are limited to the values that are specified in a user-defined list, specified in the Custom List/Custom Value field of the properties of the parameter.
Date A date value, in the format yyyy-mm-dd.
Integer A 0 (zero), negative, or positive number with no decimal value.
Personality The name of a Personality, given by the Personality Identifier value that is specified in the list of Personalities.
Schedule Enables users to configure date and time ranges.
String A string of characters, both alphanumeric and symbols.
Time A time value, in the format hh:mm.
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