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Parameter Properties

Properties of Operational Parameters
Property Description
Display Name The name of the parameter. It must be unique in the system.
Key Name The name of the parameter as it would be entered in the Annex/Options tab of the Transaction object in Genesys Administrator. If this field is left blank, the name that is displayed under Display Name is used.
Type The parameter.
Object Type This field appears only for parameters of Type Configuration Object, and specifies the type of configuration object. Optionally, when Configuration Object is selected, you can check the checkbox named Multiple Types to select multiple configuration objects to add to this parameter. If the checkbox named Global is checked, a separate panel will open to allow you to select which tenants will receive the parameter.
DN Type This field appears only for parameters of Type Configuration Object and Object Type DN, and specifies the type of DN.
Custom List

Custom Value

These properties apply only to parameters of type Custom List and specify the members of the Custom List. Define the list, as follows:
  • To add an item to the list, enter it in the Custom Value edit box, and click Add.
  • To modify an item in the list, select the value, make the change, and click OK.
If you want the display value of an item in the Custom List to be different from the actual value stored in the transaction object, enter that information in the Key field.
  • To remove an item from the list, select it, and click Delete.
  • To reorder the items in the list, select an item in the list and use the Up and Down arrow buttons to move it up or down in the list.
  • For integers, dates, and times, you can define minimum and/or maximum values (limits).
Mandatory Specifies whether the parameter is mandatory or optional. If checked, a value must be entered for this parameter before it is saved. If not checked, the parameter is considered optional and can be saved without a value. This property can be modified later (for example, to change a mandatory parameter to an optional parameter).
Global If checked, this parameter is unique in the entire system and is shared across all tenants. Its actual value must be defined at the time of creation, and can be changed only by the Service Provider.
Value If this parameter is Global, this is the actual value of the parameter and cannot be changed. A default value can be set that is not propagated to deployed Parameter Group instances. Providing of a default value is optional.
Help Text Optional text describing the parameter or providing additional information.
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