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Creating and Assigning Audio Resource Files

You must create the audio files and Personalities that comprise the Audio Resource Files before you create the Audio Resource Files.

To create an Audio Resource File and assign it to an Audio Resource:

  1. In the header, go to Operations > Audio Resources > Audio Resources.
  2. Select the Audio Resource to which you want to assign the Audio Resource File.
  3. In the <audio resource name> panel, select Files from the Tools menu. The Audio Resource Files List panel is displayed to the right.
  4. On the Audio Resource Files List panel, click New. The Upload Audio panel is displayed to the right.
  5. In the Personality list, click the magnifying glass to find a Personality. The Personalities panel is displayed to the right.
  6. Click a radio button to choose a Personality.
  7. In the Upload Audio panel, click Browse to locate and select an audio file on your workstation or network.
  8. Click Upload. The file is uploaded to the database.
  9. The properties of the new Audio Resource File are displayed in the Audio Resource Files List panel. If you select the file name in the list of Audio Resource Files, the <audio file name> panel will be displayed to the right. This panel enables you to download, play, reprocess, or delete (remove) the audio file, or view and download the encodings in which the file is available.
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