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Mnemonic ID Flag Short Description Log Name Long Description
CFGTRTNoTransactionType 0 0 'Unknown Transaction Type' Unknown The value of corresponding parameter has not changed
CFGTRTCallData 1 0 'Interaction Data' CallData A call data
CFGTRTBusinessAttribute 2 0 'Attribute' BusinessAttribute A business attribute
CFGTRTBusinessSituation 3 0 'Business Rule' BusinessSituation A business situation
CFGTRTBusinessRule 4 0 'Routing Rule' BusinessRule A business rule
CFGTRTBusinessAction 5 0 'Business Action' BusinessAction A business Action
CFGTRTStatFilter 16 0 'Stat Filter' StatFilter A statistic filter
CFGTRTStatTimeRange 17 0 'Stat Time Range' StatTimeRange A statistic time range
CFGTRTStatTimeProfile 18 0 'Stat Time Profile' StatTimeProfile A statistic time profile
CFGTRTStatType 19 0 'Stat Type' StatType A statistic type
CFGTRTStatMetric 20 0 'Statistic' StatMetric A set of statistics used by Interaction Router
CFGTRTList 21 0 'List' List A list type
CFGTRTMacro 22 0 'Macro' Macro A macro type


TRT in value name means belonging to CfgTRansactionType enumeration.

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