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Mnemonic ID Flag Short Description Log Name Long Description
CFGNoRank 0 0 'Unknown Rank' Unknown The value of the corresponding parameter has not changed.
CFGUser 1 0 'User' User User rank.
CFGDesigner 2 0 'Designer' Designer Designer rank.
CFGTenantAdministrator 3 0 'Administrator' TenantAdministrator Tenant Administrator rank. Applies to tenant staff only.
CFGServiceAdministrator 4 0 'Service Administrator' ServiceAdministrator Service Administrator rank. Applies to Service Provider staff only.
CFGSuperAdministrator 5 0 'Super Administrator' SuperAdministrator Super Administrator rank. Applies to Service Provider staff only.


Due to the introduction of a flexible access control system in Configuration Server version 5.1.100, the only purpose left for application ranks is to control which functionality of an application is available to the currently logged-on person. The feature requirements for a particular application type govern whether to implement rank-based access to an application's functions, as well as which functions to block or enable for which rank. This information will be made part of the functional specification for that application type. The level of access to Configuration Data objects granted to a particular person does not depend in any way on the set of application ranks for that person.

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