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Mnemonic ID Flag Short Description Log Name Long Description
CFGRACNoRecActionCode 0 0 'Unknown Action' NoRecActionCode The value of corresponding parameter has not changed
CFGRACMarkDB 1 0 'No Treatment' MarkDB Update call record with call result in database, do not repeat call
CFGRACMarkAllChain 2 0 'Update all records in chain' MarkAllChain Update current record and all record with the same chain ID with call result in database
CFGRACCycle 3 0 'Redial' Cycle In case of specified call result repeat call attempt up to specified number of times. The interval between attempts specified by parameter interval
CFGRACRetryIn 4 0 'Retry in' RetryIn Repeat the call attempt after specified time interval of same day
CFGRACRetryAtDate 5 0 'Retry at specified date' RetryAtDate Repeat the call attempt on specified date
CFGRACNextInChain 6 0 'Next in chain' NextInChain Try next record in a chain
CFGRACNextInChainAfter 7 0 'Next in chain after' NextInChainAfter Try next record in a chain after specified time interval
CFGRACNextInChainAtDate 8 0 'Next in chain at specified date' NextInChainAtDate Try next record in a chain at specified date/time
CFGRACAssignToGroup 9 0 'Assign to Group' AssignToGroup Update the call record and reschedule the call back to a group of agents
CFGRACMarkAsAgentError 10 0 'Mark as Agent Error' MarkAsAgentError Update the call record with "Agent Error " status
CFGRACReschedule 11 1 'Reschedule' Reschedule


The CfgRecActionCode is applicable for Configuration Library/Server release 5.1.5xx only.

RAC in value name means belonging to CfgRecActionCode enumeration.

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