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Mnemonic ID Flag Short Description Log Name Long Description
CFGSTNoSolutionType 0 0 'Unknown Solution Type' Unknown The value of the corresponding parameter has not changed
CFGSTDefaultSolutionType 1 0 'Default Solution Type' DefaultSolutionType The value is used during migration from 5.1.xxx to 5.9 releases. Value is assigned as default for objects of CfgService type that exist in 5.1xx configuration. The value cannot be assigned for new objects of CfgService and CfgSolutionTemplate type. See also description of CfgService and CfgSolutionTemplate.
CFGSTIntegratedScreenPop 2 0 'Integrated Screen Pop' IntegratedScreenPop
CFGSTEnterpriseRouting 3 0 'Enterprise Routing' EnterpriseRouting
CFGSTNetworkRouting 4 0 'Network Routing' NetworkRouting
CFGSTOutboundDialing 5 0 'Outbound Dialing' OutboundDialing
CFGSTWorkforceManagement 6 0 'Workforce Manager' WorkforceManagement
CFGSTVoiceSelfService 7 0 'Voice Self Service' VoiceSelfService
CFGSTInternetContactCenter 8 0 'Internet Contact Solution' InternetContactSolution
CFGSTWorkflowRouting 9 0 'Workflow Routing' WorkflowRouting
CFGSTInformationAnalysis 10 0 'Information Analysis' InformationAnalysis
CFGSTKnowledgeWorker 11 0 'Knowledge Worker' KnowledgeWorker
CFGSTBranchOffice 12 0 'Branch Office' BranchOffice
CFGSTFramework 13 0 'Framework' Framework
CFGSTExpressEdition 14 0 'Express Edition' ExpressEdition
CFGSTMultiChannelRouting 15 0 'Multimedia' MultiChannelRouting
CFGSTDesktopNETServerSolution 16 0 'Desktop .NET Server Solution' DesktopNETServerSolution


ST in every enumeration value stands to stress the fact it belongs to CfgSolutionType enumeration.

Please refer to Genesys Enterprise Solutions. Proposed Definitions document for more details regarding each solution type.

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