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Ranks allow Applications to control which of their functions to make available to the currently logged-in Person.


  • appType — Type of the application this rank relates to. May make sense for certain applications of the GUI type. (See CfgAppType and the comment below.) Mandatory. Once specified, cannot be changed. The same value cannot be repeated within one list.
  • appRank — Application rank. Rank CFGTenantAdministrator cannot be assigned to a person whose tenantDBID is 1. Ranks CFGServiceAdministrator and CFGSuperAdministrator cannot be assigned to a person whose tenantDBID is not 1. See type CfgRank.


Due to the introduction of a flexible access control system in Configuration Server version 5.1.100, the only purpose left for application ranks is to control what functionality of a certain application is available to the currently logged-on person. The decision on whether to use rank-based access to application's functions, and what functions to block/enable for what rank shall be determined exclusively by the feature requirements to that application type and made part of the functional specification for that application type. Level of access of a particular person to the Configuration Database objects does not depend in any way on the set of application ranks of that person.

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