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CfgConnInfo contains information about a connection.


  • appServerDBID — The unique identifier of the Server this application shall connect to as a client when it is started.
  • connProtocol — A pointer to the name of the connection control protocol. Available values: addp. Default: none.
  • timoutLocal — The heart-bit polling interval measured in seconds, on client site. See comments below.
  • timoutRemote — The heart-bit polling interval measured in seconds, on server site. See comments below.
  • mode — The trace mode dedicated for this connection. Refer to CfgTraceMode below. Default value: CFGTMNoTraceMode.
  • id — An identifier of the server's listening port. Should correspond to CfgPortInfo.id.
  • transportParams — Connection protocol's transport parameters.
  • appParams — Connection protocol's application parameters.
  • proxyParams — Connection protocol's proxy parameters.
  • description — Optional description of the connection.
  • charField1 — Optional text field #1.
  • charField2 — Optional text field #2.
  • charField3 — Optional text field #3.
  • charField4 — Optional text field #4.
  • longField1 — Optional integer field #1.
  • longField2 — Optional integer field #2.
  • longField3 — Optional integer field #3.
  • longField4 — Optional integer field #4.


If client and server exchange large processing instructions, that is, packets larger than 1Mbyte, the values for timeoutLocal and timeoutRemote for this connection should not be set to less than 3 seconds. Otherwise, the connection library will be forced to disconnect the client.
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