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Mnemonic ID Flag Short Description Log Name Long Description
CFGCACNoCallActionCode 0 0 'Unknown Action Code' NoCallActionCode The value of corresponding parameter has not changed
CFGCACConnect 1 0 'Connect' Connect Connect to an operator
CFGCACDrop 2 0 'Drop' Drop Release call
CFGCACMuteTransfer 3 0 'Mute Transfer' MuteTransfer Transfer call using mute transfer
CFGCACTransfer 4 0 'Transfer' Transfer Transfer call using two-step transfer
CFGCACRoute 5 0 'Route' Route Route call
CFGCACPlayMessage 6 0 'Play a message' PlayMessage Slay message
CFGCACSendFax 7 0 'Send a fax' SendFax Send fax
CFGCACSendPage 8 0 'Send a page' SendPage Send page
CFGCACSendEmail 9 0 'Send an e-mail' SendEmail Send E-mail


CAC in value name means belonging to CfgCallActionCode enumeration.

The CfgCallActionCode is applicable for Configuration Library/Server release 5.1.5xx only.

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