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A server.


  • hostDBID — A unique identifier of the CfgHost where this server resides. Cannot be changed as long as the server is associated with at least one client application or a primary server.
  • port — A pointer to the name of the port which client applications should use to open communication sessions to this server. Populated for backward compatibility purpose from portInfos list.
  • backupServerDBID — An identifier of the Server which is to be contacted if connection to this server fails. The backup server must be associated with the same account (see ConfSetAccount) and have the same application type (CfgAppType). One backup server cannot be associated with more than one primary server. See comments.
  • timeout — Time-out in seconds that the application should run before making a re-connect attempt after a communication session with this server has failed. May not be set to a negative value. Recommended to be set to 10 by default.
  • attempts — Number of attempts to connect to this server before trying to connect to the backup server. Makes sense only if backupServerDBID is specified. May not be set to a negative value. Recommended to be set to 1 by default.


When an application is designated as a backup server for another server, values of the following parameters of this application will be automatically changed to match the values of the same parameters of the primary server:

  • appServerDBIDs
  • tenantDBIDs
  • flexibleProperties

As long as this application is associated with the primary server, these parameters will be treated as read-only, and their values will be changed only when changes are applied to the corresponding parameters of the primary server.

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