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Mnemonic ID Flag Short Description Log Name Long Description
CFGFTNoFieldType 0 0 'Unknown Field Type' NoFieldType The value of corresponding parameter has not changed
CFGFTRecordID 1 0 'Record ID' RecordID Record Identifier
CFGFTPhone 2 0 'Contact Info' Phone Phone
CFGFTRecordType 3 0 'Record Type' RecordType Record type
CFGFTRecordStatus 4 0 'Record Status' RecordStatus Record Status
CFGFTDialResult 5 0 'Dialing Result' DialResult Dial Result
CFGFTNumberOfAttempts 6 0 'Number of Attempts' NumberOfAttempts Number of Attempts
CFGFTScheduledTime 7 0 'Scheduled Time' ScheduledTime Scheduled Time
CFGFTCallTime 8 0 'Call Time' CallTime Call Time
CFGFTFrom 9 0 'From' From Start Time
CFGFTUntil 10 0 'To' Until End Time
CFGFTTimeZone 11 0 'Time Zone' TimeZone Time Zone
CFGFTCampaignID 12 0 'Campaign' CampaignID
CFGFTAgentID 13 0 'Agent' AgentID Agent Identifier
CFGFTChainID 14 0 'Chain' ChainID Chain Identifier
CFGFTNumberInChain 15 0 'Number In Chain' NumberInChain Number in Chain
CFGFTCustomField 16 0 'User-Defined Field' CustomField Customer field. Specified by customer
CFGFTANI 17 0 'ANI' ANI Automatic Number Identification
CFGFTLATA 18 0 'LATA' LATA Local Access and Transport Area
CFGFTNPA 19 0 'NPA' NPA Numbering Plan Area
CFGFTNPA_NXX 20 0 'NPA-NXX' NPA-NXX Numbering plan Area with identifier of specific telephone company central office which serves that number
CFGFTStateCode 21 0 'State Code' StateCode State Code
CFGFTInfoDigits 22 0 'Info Digits' InfoDigits Info digits
CFGFTCountryCode 23 0 'Country Code' CountryCode Country Code
CFGFTPhoneType 24 0 'Contact Info Type' PhoneType Type of phone set
CFGFTGroupDBID 25 0 'Group' GroupDBID AgentGroup or PlaceGroup unique identifier
CFGFTAppDBID 26 0 'Application' AppDBID Application unique identifier
CFGFTTreatments 27 0 'Treatments History' Treatments Treatments history
CFGFTMediaRefference 28 0 'Media Reference' MediaRefference Refference to media body to be sent in case of treatment
CFGFTEmailSubject 29 0 'E-mail Subject' EmailSubject Email Subject
CFGFTEmailTemplateID 30 0 'E-mail Template ID' EmailTemplateID Email Template ID
CFGFTSwitchID 31 0 'Switch ID' SwitchID Switch ID


The CfgFieldType is applicable for Configuration Library/Server release 5.1.5xx only.

FT in value name means belonging to CfgFieldType enumeration.

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