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CfgSolutionComponent displays a list of applications whose functionality this solution uses.


  • startupPriority — The startup priority of the solution component in a component sequence. Component numbers should be used to determine the order in which components should be started and stopped. Must be defined as positive integer. Mandatory. Once specified cannot be changed. Must be shown as READONLY property in object of type CfgService (Solution).
  • isOptional — Determines whether this solution component is optional. Recommended to be set to CFGFalse by default. Must be shown as READONLY property in object of type CfgService (Solution).
    Refers to CfgFlag.
  • appDBID — A unique identifier of an Application with type appType and version appVersion. Mandatory (application must be specified within solution) for solution components within a solution if isOptional is set to CFGFalse. The application could be chosen from the list of applications based on application template/prototype specified in appPrototypeDBID.

The following rule should be used during the creation of a solution: an application can participate in different solutions.

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