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Mnemonic ID Flag Short Description Log Name Long Description
CFGNoHost 0 0 'Unknown Host Type' Unknown The value of the corresponding parameter has not changed.
CFGNetworkServer 1 0 'Network Server' NetworkServer A major computer on the Service Provider data network.
CFGTenantServer 2 0 'Tenant Server' TenantServer A major computer on a tenant data network.
CFGServiceWorkstation 3 0 'Service Workstation' ServiceWorkstation A workstation on the Service Provider data network which is not an agent workstation.
CFGTenantWorkstation 4 0 'Tenant Workstation' TenantWorkstation A workstation on a tenant data network which is not an agent workstation.
CFGAgentWorkstation 5 0 'Agent Workstation' AgentWorkstation An agent workstation.
CFGAuxComputer 6 0 'Auxiliary Computer' AuxComputer An auxiliary computer on either the Service Provider network or a tenant network.
CFGGVPWorkstation 7 0 'GVP Workstation' GVPWorkstation
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