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Mnemonic ID Flag Short Description Log Name Long Description
CFGNoDNGroup 0 0 'Unknown Group Type' Unknown The value of the corresponding parameter has not changed.
CFGSinglePorts 1 0 'Single Ports' SinglePorts Can include DNs of the following types: CFGExtension, CFGACDPosition, CFGEAPort, CFGVoiceMail, CFGCP, CFGMusic, CFGData, CFGFAX, CFGCommDN, CFGEmal, CFGVoIP, CFGVideo, CFGChat, CFGCoBrowse.
CFGACDQueues 2 0 'ACD Queues' ACDQueues Can only include DNs of CFGACDQueue, CFGVirtACDQueue, and CFGRoutingQueue type.
CFGRoutingPoints 3 0 'Routing Points' RoutingPoints Can include DNs of the following types: CFGRoutingPoint, CFGExtRoutingPoint, CFGVirtRoutingPoint, and CFGRoutingQueue.
CFGNetworkPorts 4 0 'Network Ports' NetworkPorts Can only include DNs of CFGDestinationLabel type.
CFGServiceNumbers 5 0 'Service Numbers' ServiceNumbers Can only include DNs of CFGServiceNumber type.
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