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Mnemonic ID Flag Short Description Log Name Long Description
CFGSUTNoStartupType 0 0 'Unknown Startup Type' NoStartupType The value of corresponding parameter has not changed
CFGSUTAutomatic 1 0 'Automatic' Automatic An automatic startup type. The Management Layer controls the application/solution in normal mode i.e., runs and monitors it.
CFGSUTManual 2 0 'Manual' Manual A manual startup type. The solution must be started manually i.e., the Management Layer only can monitor the solution without performing control functions.
CFGSUTDisabled 3 0 'Disabled' Disabled The start of application is disabled i.e., application cannot be started either manually or automatic.


SUT in every enumeration value stands to stress the fact it belongs to CfgStartupType enumeration.

The CfgStartupType specifies the mode in which the Application/Solution will be started.

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