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Objective Tables are collections of Objective Records.

Filter Keys

Filter Name Type Description
dbid int A unique identifier of an objective table. If specified, Configuration Server will return information only about this objective table.
name string Name of an objective table. Shall be specified as a character string. If specified, Configuration Server will return information only about the objective table(s) with that name.
tenant_dbid int A unique identifier of a tenant. If specified, Configuration Server will return information only about the objective tables that belong to this tenant.
state int Current state of an objective table (see CfgObjectState). If specified, Configuration Server will return information only about objective tables that are currently in this state.


  • DBID — An identifier of this object in the Configuration Database. Generated by Configuration Server and is unique within an object type. Identifiers of deleted objects are not used again. Read-only.
  • tenantDBID — A unique identifier of the CfgTenant to which this objective table is allocated. Mandatory. Once specified, cannot be changed.
  • name — A pointer to the name of the objective table. Mandatory. Must be unique within the tenant environment.
  • description — A pointer to the description of the objective table.
  • objectiveRecords — A pointer to the list of identifiers of objective records comprising this objective table.
  • state — Current object state. Mandatory. Refer to CfgObjectState.
  • userProperties — A pointer to the list of user-defined properties. Parameter userProperties has the following structure: Each key-value pair of the primary list (TKVList *userProperties) uses the key for the name of a user-defined section, and the value for a secondary list, that also has the TKVList structure and specifies the properties defined within that section.
  • prepaidCost — A flat rate for the cost per call
  • timeZoneDBID — A CfgTimeZone associated with this Cost Contract
  • timeStart — The date on which to start the Volume Rate Contract.
  • timeEnd — The date on which to end the Volume Rate Contract.
  • type — Objective Table type. Refer to CfgObjectiveTableType.

XML Representation

This XML was created using the Configuration Server 7.5 schema.
    <DBID value="1002" />
    <tenantDBID value="101" />
    <name value="XYZCostContract" />
        <mediaTypeDBID value="1001" />
        <serviceTypeDBID value="1023" />
        <customerSegmentDBID value="1024" />
        <objectiveThreshold value="0" />
        <objectiveDelta value="0" />
        <contractDBID value="111" />
    <state value="1" />
      <list_pair key="_WIZARD_">
        <str_pair key="_ProgID_" value="CfgWizard_CBR.CfgObjectiveTableWizard" />
    <prepaidCost value="725" />
    <timeZoneDBID value="115" />
    <timeStart value="1169649000" />
    <timeEnd value="1172447999" />
    <type value="2" />

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