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Mnemonic ID Flag Short Description Log Name Long Description
CFGLNGNoLanguage 0 0 'Unknown Language' Unknown
CFGLNGEnglish 1 0 'English' English
CFGLNGFrench 2 0 'French' French
CFGLNGGerman 3 0 'German' German
CFGLNGItalian 4 0 'Italian' Italian
CFGLNGLASpanish 5 0 'Spanish' LASpanish
CFGLNGBrasPortuguese 6 0 'Brasilian Portuguese' BrasPortuguese
CFGLNGJapanese 7 0 'Japanese' Japanese
CFGLNGKorean 8 0 'Korean' Korean
CFGLNGTradChinese 9 0 'Traditional Chinese' TradChinese
CFGLNGSimplChinese 10 0 'Simplified Chinese' SimpleChinese


LNG in every enumeration value stands to stress the fact it belongs to CfgLanguage enumeration.

The CfgLanguage specifies the language that is used for localization.

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