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Mnemonic ID Flag Short Description Log Name Long Description
CFGHTNoHAType 0 0 'Unknown HA Type' Unknown The value of corresponding parameter has not changed
CFGHTColdStanby 1 0 'Not Specified' ColdStandby A cold standby
CFGHTWarmStanby 2 0 'Warm Standby' WarmStandby A warm standby
CFGHTHotStanby 3 0 'Hot Standby' HotStandby A hot standby


The CfgHAType specifies the types of high availability that will be possible to use by Genesys or third party application. The behavior of the application/client depends upon high availability type specified in server this application is connected to.

HT in every enumeration value stands to stress the fact it belongs to CfgHAType enumeration.

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