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User Interfaces

Genesys Interaction Recording uses three User Interfaces to implement and manage a call and screen recording environment:

Playback Interface

An agent, supervisor, or an administrator uses the playback interface to search, query, report, and retrieve call and screenrecordings from Interaction Recording Web Services (or Web Services if you're using version or earlier). SpeechMiner uses the Recording Crypto Server to retrieve all recordings from Interaction Recording Web Services (Web Services), and automatically decrypts recordings that are encrypted.

Administrator Interface

The Genesys Administrator Extension interface provides three functional areas:

  1. Administration of recording policies—Allows a tenant administrator to configure recording policies and recording rules. Configuration parameters include retention period, storage management, and file format. Some recording policies are part of existing configuration objects such as IVR Profile and DN and can be managed through the existing interfaces. This recording administration interface intends to consolidate the configuration of the policies to assist the administrator.
  2. Call recording maintenance—Provides the maintenance function to configure the storage retention period.
  3. Key management—Allows a security administrator to manage public and private keys for handling encryption and decryption of call recording. The Recording Crypto Server provides a REST API to manage the public and private keys, while the front-end UI is hosted through Genesys Administrator Extension. It is recommended that the Recording Crypto Server is hosted in a secure zone that is not accessible outside an enterprise firewall, while Genesys Administrator Extension can be configured to be accessible externally.

The recording administrator interface is designed as a Genesys Administrator plug-in, and the plug-in provides access to the different functional areas via different services. The plug-in is a proxy for the Call Recording API ( Web Services) and the Key Management API (Recording Crypto Server).

Agent Interface

An agent handling calls will have additional interface elements to provide recording indication to the agent, as well as run time recording controls (start/stop/pause/resume). Workspace either directly sends recording controls directly to SIP Server, or indirectly via Interaction Recording Web Services (Web Services).

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